by chelseakyaw

This is perhaps the third time that I’ve gone through all of my posts and just deleted them. Something about getting rid of old things makes it easier to carry on towards the new. :)

and because I enjoy starting things when dates start, today is a good day to get “blogging” rolling. again.

I hate lists and I hate “new year, new me” attitudes. Maybe contrary to my last paragraph, I don’t want to just have a list of new things to begin today just because it’s a new year. weird? ohhh well. It is nice to step into a full new year with a better more productive attitude, so I think I’ll do just that and see where it takes me.

today – sleeping in and coffee in bed. staring at my NEW ENGAGEMENT ring because, oh yeah, my now-fiancé proposed to me the other night. story which I will share later. ❤️ sims, read Jurassic part, and maybe do something crafty. because I can and I start my new job on Monday and am soaking in all of this empty time and yay.

(( this is the engagement ring. I was so excited that I took this photo in the grocery store. ))

(( what’s an engagement without a really creepy engagement selfie ))

(( and I literally just sit and stare at it because I’m in love. he designed this himself. ))

can’t just abruptly end a post, so that’s why this is here. ⭐️