by chelseakyaw

pretty sure no one loves birthdays (( and parties )) more than my niece, Autumn, who just turned 5 this past Jan 30. She also had like four parties so I think she’s living life super great. I wanted to do something special for her, and one thing that popped into mind was baking a cake.

it’s always been on the top of my to-do list and a little girls birthday is the perfect time. wish I could make one for my little nephew but he’s so far away! maybe for his fifth ;)




The cake. What inspired me? COLOR. Miss Autumn loves sprinkles, colors, rainbows and so I wanted to incorporate that into her birthday. And because she’s five, I made sure that this stacked cake (( sorry, you can’t tell via the photos )) was five “tiers” high and between each layer was a bunch of fruity pebbles and cream cheese frosting. Can I admit something? I didn’t make anything from scratch. Had to go the boxed route. SORRY. I’m learning and starting, so next birthday will be better. One thing we didn’t do that we had planned was to add trick candles. Next year ;)

Also that adorable face. And her happiness. :) :)