by chelseakyaw

work is “out of inventory” so what better way to spend my paid time than blogging. which, by the way, is one of the few available websites to visit while at work… thanks. As if it wasn’t boring enough already.

Arnold and I had a quiet, but nice Valentine’s Day together. We actually spoilt each other more throughout the week before, so when the day actually came, it was nice to not go all crazy. Aside from some thrifting, we went to Rock Bottom and had one flight between the two of us – and when you’re not heavy drinkers, that’s enough to get you going for the rest of the day.


(( eat your heart out. oh. and kittens. ))


(( samesideselfies. a candid one. isn’t my fiance handsome? ))


(( clearly we take flattering photographs all of the time. ))


(( vintage kitten things. blanket is from blissbranch and the sweatshirt is from arnold. ))


(( izzy loves vagina, which is just a cute name for the laundry bag. ))


(( these flowers. ))