by chelseakyaw

warning: post title is deceiving.

i have had no break, and that’s why i’m here.

yes yes yes. february went fast.

Okay, so I’ll be honest with this (me?) as admiting to my faults leaves room for improvement and a guilt-free conscience.

I DID NOT READ LAST MONTHS BOOKS. I did… a little bit of reading in each book (am I stupid, what?), but not enough to count. Thankfully, I have this whole month to read two of them and count it as even. :) Whew. That feels better… So if you were following along… hahahaha… then come the end of this month I’ll announce an April book and discuss the last two. With new changes in the rules of the book game as is my life.

On the other hand, I have good and bad news.

THE GOOD: Mr. Mr. and I are getting up and moving our life to GOOD OL COLORADO. Yes! Why? Oh, you know… to rack up more student debt. Really though. :) Arnold found out that there’s a luthier school and we were discussing how cool that would be because it’s basically the essence of him – building and music. I was just like “Why not? That could be fun.” And we were just like “ummm I guess so.” And then we didn’t think about it for a few days when all of a sudden, over some drinks and food, we were just like “Let’s really do this.” Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was my ability to dream big, but we told some people, he applied and got accepted to the school, and we’re doing it. We’re going to do it. Pinch me. I’ll go into my elaborate thoughts on this later.

THE BAD: My special little rodent love, Alice, passed away yesterday. She had been ill for not even a week. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t see it coming. I’m just glad it was relatively fast and that her suffering is to an end. Just because she’s a rat doesn’t make it any easier to lose a pet. My heart still aches to think about how sick she was and how fast it happened. Their lives are just so important to only be allowed on earth for that little of a time. <3<3 I’ll miss her.

THE UGLY: let me tell you what really sucks, BUT FIRST let me tell you a story. So once upon a time there was a stressed out student named Chelsea, who had horrible acne breakouts (i’m mildly exaggerating) from stress. But one day, a magical thing called graduation and passing classes happened and then the stress went away. The breakouts went too! Chelsea was so excited because for the longest time she thought that she was unsanitary and disgusting. HOWEVER, the stress of february, moving, student debt, and the death of a loved pet brought back an old enemy and now I’m sitting here pissed and ugly. UGH.

I had to add the ugly because it went along. SORRY. I’m gonna be writing more, and I’m gonna just be putting out random advice for people who might be suffering through life like myself… you know, just so you know someone is out there in the same boat. :)