by chelseakyaw

I am a big/strong believer in working for rewards or justifying treats with hard work. THIS is how I am going to make myself a better and happier person. It’s also time for a change, what with my new adventure coming in August. Time to start paying (literally) for my previous mistakes and making the road to my future a less-bumpy path. My thought process on this:

¬†Everything I’m giving up right now (lattes-to-go, fast food, pop, cigarettes, clothes shopping, stupid on the whim purchases) are going to make me a better person and put more money in my pocket (ooooorrrr credit cards that are slanging me into debt). Do you know what I’ve realized? My life is PERFECT. I am lucky and happy with my four cats, fiance, family, A JOB, friends, and everything I have. That is enough. What more do I need? OOOHH, besides the two naked palettes I’m going to buy tonight as a treat for working all the crazy overtime this past month… and then I’m going to work my ass off with every hour of available overtime for the next month. That’s beside the point. :)

But it’s important to me to have things to back up on when I work hard, or get tired, or feel like I need to spend money. I’ve learned that retail therapy is not the best thing, HOWEVER my debt is a lot less than it would have cost for me to talk with a therapist (and my collection of things that I will use forever now) are a much better use of money. EXAMPLE: Every other friday morning, I treat myself to a latte. That’s better than getting one every single morning because I’m too lazy to make coffee.

LAZINESS is a problem, and it’s been costing me money. As mentioned previously, it’s MUCH better use of my time and money to wake up a little bit earlier and make some coffee in our amazing french press and actually enjoy some time with Arnold in the morning. It’s special, cheap, and it makes me so much happier.


Here’s to avoiding lazinesss, saving money, and being happy. <3