by chelseakyaw

please start calling orchids “orchidia” from now on. it sounds awesome and it may or may not be the scientific slang for orchids. it doesn’t matter. the only thing that matters is my new orchidia plant that is miniature and yellow. two things i usually dislike BUT when you throw it into an orchid, i like.



i’m excited to see my little orchidia grow and grow and grow and hopefully never be demolished by one of my cats. let’s not talk about my old bamboo plant. one thing about me: when i get into something, i get INTO something. guaranteed that in the next month, i will have a rainbow selection of orchids all not dying and doing wonderfully.

OH. i’ve also got a little cat bouquet and some bee-friendly-cat-safe flowers/plants growing. stay tuned for a little update about how my life veering into the green side is going.

goals to do and things to achieve

writing and stating goals, plans, and whatever DOES help me get things accomplished. it puts a silent pressure on me to do what i say and for that, i will continue to do so.

i’ve made a real strong goal to bring my camera with me more. I KNOW. i know. i have probably said that somewhere or other before, but when i said that the first time, i was burned out. don’t even get me started on that. maybe another day. but today, after picking up my camera and snapping some quick cat photos, i realized that taking photos doesn’t stress me out anymore or put something on my busy table that will just be yet another thing to do. it’s refreshing and this can only be good.