green life. 

by chelseakyaw

so I came up with a truly brilliant and genius and plant plan. I would find a handful of flowers that are not only inviting to the bees, because “save the bees” (( even though I am terribly afraid and not allergic to them )) AND plants that, If discovered by the feline type, would not be toxic and kill them. REMINDER: don’t plant lillies and DONT keep them in your house.  even more so, there are a few plants here that are part of a cat bouquet: or little earthly snacks I’m growing for them – lavender, Rosemary, catnip, and cat grass. You can look forward to a post explaining the many benefits of these plants :)

disclaimer. the basil is there for Arnold’s kitchen life.

I could have been lazy and just bought these, but I thought I would try my hand in growing things from the earth and seeing how my green thumb works. Can’t wait for my african daisies, alyssum, bachelor buttons, zinnias, and the always lovely snapdragons to BLOOM and flourish.

flash forward FOUR DAYS and my alyssum, cat grass, and bachelor buttons seem to be flourishing. thank you Mother Nature and your rain for aiding in their survival. and thank you Arnold for sending me pictures of my new babies while I’m at work. Isn’t he the sweetest.

Since I’ve taken these photos and really dragged on through life, I’ve noticed that my cat grass is REALLY COMING IN. Growin like the weeds, they say. Which… I suppose it’s like weed for cats, so… cool.