by chelseakyaw

sometimes you need to just disappear and take some time to find yourself before you come back into writing. again. this time I’m not deleting my other posts but having things unorganized and not uniform to what I want now is driving me crazy.

so I deleted Facebook and realized I need an outlet. whether or not anyone reads this is not my concern. arnold and I moved to Denver about three and a half months ago and in that time we got married, started new jobs, and explored a whole new ecosystem. **still exploring**

but I am still feeling like I have not found my place. my life feels like it’s missing something and I’m not sure what. shouldn’t I be happy in a new place? with a new family and a new life basically? i guess this is my endeavor in finding myself – that’s the whole purpose of going away.

SOON i will have photos and adventures and stories – this new outlet is going to give me a new purpose. stay tuned :)