by chelseakyaw

my main purpose for this blog is to give myself an outlet – to have a place to freely empty what is resonating in my mind and make sense of it as it turns into words. writing and sharing experiences also gives you the power to impact – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to reading the words of others to find peace in my own life. knowing that someone is/was/might be experiencing something similar to what I am going through helps me to not feel so alone. I hope to do that for others, and that is what intentions come with my writing. posting random thoughts via social media and seeing the response or feeling like you’re only worth the amount of likes and comments you receive – that is what I’m trying to get away from – sharing and writing here without expecting a response or even anyone to see it will soothe my soul.

today i spoke with a woman who is one of very few Haida Indians native to Alaska. we spoke for roughly an hour – part of my job as an online advisor/counselor is to get to know students/potential students to better help them with academics. anyway, this woman’s father was one of the last remaining Chiefs of the Haida people (making her a princess) and as the first daughter of eleven children, her Haida name translates into “Lady,” & according to her is not the type of woman she is. “Lady” is a victim of domestic violence and has worked jobs like welding, driving, and commercial fishing to help her family make a living. With some background in drug/alcohol counseling, her goal in life is to open a wilderness rehabilitation center that teaches addicts and suffering souls how to live and find peace again through Haida teachings. Part of what her culture believes is that God gives you his creatures to live and what you don’t use, you must give back. An example of this is any part of the fish not consumed or used must be taken back to the water. What upsets her concerning this are the tourists coming to their land and wasting so much and not appreciating what gifts have been given to them.

“Lady” is the type of person who sees light in all situations. To me, her life, although filled with many trials and tribulations, is a fairytale. I can only hope to have more opportunities like this one that reminds me of us all having the ability to share our story and reach out to other people.