by chelseakyaw

one thing I both pride myself in but also wish that I could change would be my independence. having the ability to do things on my own, and to do it well – has been something I’ve made a conscious effort to do my whole life. being able to figure things out by being resourceful, not needing anyone around to be content, almost preferring to be alone unless it’s with arnold or our cats – this is good. however, lately I have been feeling a constant nagging anxiety voice in the back of my head that is telling me this needs to change.

along with that anxious feeling that being an independent person is sometimes not that great, comes social anxiety. being an empath means that surrounding myself with anyone for an extended amount of time means that I soak up energy and vibes from folks I hang out with and I just NEED to recover from this. after a long day of work, I can’t simply relax by settling down over dinner and venting to my husband – I need to be alone to recharge.

so as you can imagine, being in a new state and environment, and having that anxious feeling to not be so “aloof” if you will – thinking of spending time with different people stresses me out. like – majorly. BUT I NEED TO CHANGE. life is about overcoming obstacles and things that make you uncomfortable. that, I believe, is how you grow.

here’s to overcoming anxieties and always working on being a better person.

oh and here’s an image that encapsulates the beauty of a sunset in a snowy forest inside of the mountains.