by chelseakyaw

I have found my true love with photography in the details of nature. yes, I enjoyed producing commercial and family images – after all that’s how I paid my way through college – but I find the most joy when I get lost outside and look at the world in the smallest ways through my lens.

everything is framed so beautifully – the way this pinecone here is boxed in perfectly by its own tree and a neighbor.

one thing I have noticed to be drawn to is the parallel stance of a variety of trees. the way that, even on a slope, they all align so perfectly next to each other.

layers and stacks of the west.

winter. berries.  what I like most about these is just the stark contrast that they possess in the white of the winter. red is my favorite color for that reason – it stands out in its passion.

sure would like to know this trees story.

details, decay, always green in the mountains regardless of the season.

gradient of tree breeds. how can they just be so perfectly and beautifully segregated? 
just recently I received my Rocky Mountain Audubon and on behalf of Arnold who knew this was a Magpie because of the Avett Brothers (😂) as well as the Audubon, I am learning more about birds. this guy is actually called a black-billed magpie and is quite large – 20″ from head to tip of tail. we found this magpie along the side of a parking lot, most likely trying to find roadkill or another baby bird to eat.

as much as I say I enjoy the west alone and exploring solitaire, I couldn’t do anything I do without this guy. and he doesn’t make a horrible looking subject either 💙