by chelseakyaw

I feel like the actual meaning of Christmas, you know like Jesus & family & love and stuff is null and void these days. maybe I feel like this because my husband works in a job position that serves selfish and greedy people, who can just dish out thousands of dollars in one shopping trip, which keeps him away from me and stuck at work. can you tell I’m bitter?

when you move across the country and can’t go home because of these said greedy people keeping my husband at work, it just sucks away the holidays. but in a weird way, I have found them in me even stronger. we get one day off together until next year and that day is Christmas Day. we have plans to just up and go into the woods – wander and appreciate each other’s time and the beautiful land•mountains that we are so blessed to be near. it truly is so corny of me to say but all I want for Christmas is health and happiness for my little family.

on the BRIGHT side // no pun intended here… // the Christmas lights here are to die for. I mean – where is all this extra tax money coming from to go to all of these lights? ;) ;) oh wait. 🌿 I have turned into a critical Christmas lights judge – like… it’s bad. but OH MY GOD people here know what they’re doing and I’ve seen so many beautiful neighborhoods and light shows that I’m dying happy. I’ve found my soul city of Christmas lights.

isn’t she adorable? we had plans of nursing this little spruce forever and it symbolizing our marriage and love and other bull shit like that but kids, tending to a sapling is ridiculously hard. I will be lucky if it makes it to next year but here it is. we made these ornaments.

here’s a really basic photo of my bokeh tree lights. 💙🌟