weeks 1-12.

by chelseakyaw


WE ARE HAVING A BABY (just one!!) Due MARCH 04 and ALWAYS measuring 3 days ahead on all of our visits. We announced super early. I was nervous about sharing the news with so many people so early, but I always knew that regardless of what happened/happens, our baby deserves to be loved and celebrated. Thankfully, we did not have to break any bad news of miscarriage or loss (still always worried, but again, you never know!)

We feel very blessed that our baby only took two months to conceive (I do not wish to come off as insensitive, but we were so excited and feel, hashtag blessed, that our little bear decided to arrive so soon)! To all of those struggling – BABY DUST your way! I would like to say that I knew right away. Granted, I’m a super-googler but the symptoms I was feeling were things I’ve never felt before (sore breasts, EXTREME exhaustion). We got our first positive a few days before my missed period, and I didn’t get to do anything fun for Arnold because he was just as excited as I was to officially find out – this means, he made me pee on the stick and run out before anything happened so we could watch the digital test turn positive together. At first, we were all “NO WAY” and then when it came up, we didn’t believe it. We waited until the next day to test digitally again and after a few of those positive tests, we finally believed it!


FOUR WEEK PHOTO (above) – for us both. Who will gain the most weight? SO FAR ME. Although, Arnold’s been a trusty husband and confidant, and has shared in dealing with the first trimester woes of cravings and aversions. We were going to take a weekly belly photo, but week after week after week of no changes, we got discouraged and gave up. Flash to the future, I really didn’t start developing a bump until probably week 12 (officially), and anything before that was just bloat or my weight fluctuating due to hormones.

As far as food cravings/aversions go, there was really nothing special going on until week six. Once that week rolled around, so did the morning sickness! I basically let my body decide what I would consume. For a while, it was nothing but chips and queso (this still remains one of mine and baby’s favorite thing to eat). Things that made me die inside: chicken nachos, scrambled eggs, and and leftovers – for some weird reason, i was only able to eat something once, and as soon as I saw it again, it would immediately make me throw up. I have always been able to depend on fruit, rice, and chips & queso. Thankfully, in week 11 somewhere, I think the morning sickness just disappeared completely and I was able to eat most of anything without wanting to run away towards the bathroom.

For me, on top of the morning sickness – which was basically all day nausea and dizziness – exhaustion was the worst. I never felt like I got enough sleep and no fail, around 2pm every day, I would feel like I had just ran a marathon. (I’ve never personally experienced the feels of a marathon but I’m guessing that’s what it would be like). If I stayed awake past 9pm and didn’t get to sleep in until at least 630, that’s when my bladder had had enough, then I felt like death. thankfully, I have regained some energy and the tired feeling isn’t as bad!

I GAINED 15 pounds in the first trimester – for me, this was REALLY DIFFICULT. And not in a “oh-my-gosh-i-am-gaining-weight” but in a “I’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past and am I losing control of myself” type of way. I know that I have to do what I can to make sure our little bear gets the nutrients it needs, so that’s been a saving grace, but going to my closet and nothing fits (before i fit into a 0/2 or xs/sm) and now the layer of insulation I’ve put on is really putting a damper on what I can fit into. Thanks to loose fitting clothing and leggings – I still have NOT made the jump into maternity wear!!


Our first ultrasound!! This is between week 7-8. I had some emergency spotting late at night and due to this being my first pregnancy, I definitely freaked out and went to the ER because I was afraid that I was miscarrying. My world was shattering – I literally had no idea what I was going to do. I was embarrassed that I had shared any news and was worried I was going to have to tell people I lost my baby. Our baby is a little blob here! We saw the heart flutter and it immediately made me feel much better! Blood work and all my other stats were normal! We didn’t know the reason why I was spotting, but new it was normal for some mothers, so we were told to chill out and just take it easy!


Ultrasound number TWO, taken a few days before week number 10! This was my first appointment with our actual midwife and the FIRST time we got to hear the heartbeat. Yes, we both cried. Baby had a whopping 174 HR (funny how I can forget every thing but I will never forget that number). Also thinking a girl due to old wives-tails, but who really knows ;) ;) We thought baby looked a little bit like a gummy bear, and low and behold, that is why we call this our little bear! Everything is measuring perfectly and baby is as healthy as can be! This is also when we discovered that the placenta was completely covering my cervix – HELLO SCARY – but because it’s early, I just need to be careful, and hopefully this will correct itself.


THIRD TIME – already this ultrasound shows a growing baby!! Week 11 and only one week after the last one – holy cow how baby has grown in just a short time period! We had another spotting scare, and instead of just taking it easy because it wasn’t much, I called my doctor and they were so nice, that we got to get some more glamour shots! This time, the HR was 169, so still measuring right on track and healthy!


FINAL ultrasound (for now, buahahaha) – my mother said I always liked collecting photos, so obviously through this pregnancy, nothing else would change. HR this time went down to 150! This ultrasound is halfway between weeks 12 & 13 – the NT scan. I was petrified for this scan, worried that my baby may have something wrong with it. Measuring perfect, but still worried. Arnold and I are firm in that no matter what, we love this baby and nothing will affect this pregnancy that is within our control – it is what it is and we will continue to be positive for our bear.

Now that the first trimester is over, I feel that we can sit back and just be healthy and happy as much as possible. I am still worried that something negative will come up but we are staying as positive as can be! Now that my belly is growing out a little bit, stay tuned for weekly updates with some bump photos and updates on how things are going!