week 13.

by chelseakyaw

How far along:  13 weeks! – began Aug 27, 2016.

Size of Baby: PEACH

Milestones: Little bear has fingerprints now! Also mama is officially out of her first trimester and now the risk for miscarriage has significantly dropped!

Best Moment This Week: Scheduling an elective ultrasound so we can find out the gender a little bit earlier ;) Our next one wasn’t going to be until 21 weeks and for some reason, we just can’t wait! Other than that, having some energy and not getting up in the middle of the night is pretty awesome, but that wavers.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender – not that it MATTERS, but for some reason, to us, it’s going to be another thing to help us bond and make this pregnancy feel more real. I’m also looking forward to my belly growing more and getting out of this bloaty bloat stage.

What I Miss The Most: EVERYTHING. like all the drugs and alcohol and extremely illegal things I was doing (jk!!!). I also miss not being so extremely worried, but I imagine that will get worse when little bear is out of my belly and in the real world. Food wise, I miss sushi, lunch meat, basically everything I’m not allowed to eat normally :P

Symptoms: Bloating, exhaustion, having to pee all the time during the day (but not so much during the night). Sleeping well but having vivid dreams.

Cravings: Crab meat sandwiches (WHY?!), crab Rangoon, mt. dew, pineapple, and mozzarella with tomatoes.

DAD thoughts: little disclaimer – pregnancy always seems to be all about mom and baby, but I like to make sure arnold is okay! I asked arnold how he was doing and what he thinks about and… all hes doing is reading up on how to support me best through this. I’m very lucky. he cooks, takes care of the cat litter, and makes sure I don’t over exert myself. I think that he likes to think about what we can do with baby once it’s older and not so much about now.