week 14.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 14 weeks – began September 03, 2016!

Size of Baby: Lemon

Milestones: Little bear can now make facial expressions and suck its thumb. Urinary/digestive functions are kicking into gear. Genitals are now fully visible and distinguishable.

Best Moment This Week: Daddy got a promotion!! WE GON BE RICH. (JK)

What I’m Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender, growing out belly wise and hopefully not so much butterfly wing wise.

What I Miss The Most: Sushi. My old pants.

Symptoms: I *THINK* I had heartburn for the first time… but I’m not sure because I’ve never had it before. Felt like what I imagine a heart attack would feel like. Other than that, all the negative symptoms have died down a little. More swelling in my ankles and fingers at the end of the day and some bloating.

Cravings: CRAB STUFF – it’s the weirdest thing! Arnold says that Burma is known for the best crab and that’s a sure sign our baby takes after its Asian heritage.  Sushi, lobster bisque, spaghetti with long noodles & garlic bread, cheese (mostly Taco Bell nacho cheese).

DAD thoughts: Basic thoughts on progress, if our baby is developing on track, how I’m feeling – mostly just excited!

Overall, this has been a great week! My belly seems to fluctuate from morning to evening so while sometimes I feel like a blimp, other times I worry that my baby is not growing okay and if I’m on track! the body sure is weird!