week 15.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 15 weeks – began Sept 10, 2016 :)

Size of Baby: apple!

Milestones: little bear can now hear sounds from the outside world, which means Pepe (that’s daddy in Burmese) will be playing his guitar for the belly a little bit more now. <3

Best Moment This Week: finding out that our baby is a… BOY!!!!! little bear had his little boy goods open plain as day! we are thrilled to meet our son next March.

What I’m Looking Forward To: meeting our son!

What I Miss The Most: Not feeling guilty because I’m not microwaving my sandwich meat before I eat it.

Symptoms: Is bloating a symptom? Because that. Also my nose seems to be stuffed one day and then super runny the next. Arnold blames season changes, and I blame everything on pregnancy.

Cravings: CHEESE SAUCE, potatoes, broccoli (mostly those all put together but also separately), reeses sticks. I cave into baby and this is how you probably get gestational diabetes (not that that’s anything to joke about and I sincerely hope that I don’t).

DAD thoughts: finding out our little bear was a boy made his life. most of our family and friends, including myself, thought it was a girl, so this came as a shock!! he is over the moon excited and talks about all of the fun activities they’ll do together.