week 16.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 16 weeks – started 09/17/2016

Size of Baby: DONUT!! also a gerbil… or an avocado.

Milestones: the umbilical cord is fully developed, and I read that they can play with it (which makes me worry – do they know that they need that to live? and that maybe they shouldn’t be so rough with that? :P), also the skeleton is solidifying more and more!

Best Moment This Week: My mom came down and surprised me with the cradle and a few blankets that I used as an infant. It fills my hear that Forest will sleep where I did for the first few months of his life.

What I’m Looking Forward To: I honestly can’t wait to feel our little Forest bear kick and twinkle around in my belly. In our last ultrasound, he cozied back up with his legs tucked in and likes to cover his face a lot – so I’m waiting for some feisty punches/kicks to feel!

What I Miss The Most: my jeans :'( wondering if i will ever be able to fit in them again or will my mom hips make that impossible for a while. I also miss sushi and sometimes my not-so-great-vices (which i gave up gladly so baby could be healthy). MY MEMORY AND SANITY – I think pregnancy brain is real – meaning that my memory is crap, I call everyone by the wrong name now, and if I don’t write something down 935920385 times, you can sure as sure bet that I won’t remember it.

Symptoms: I FEEL GREAT… mostly. some bloating (although that’s gone down A TON), and my back is starting to ache a little bit more, my hips are tight, my emotions are WILD (everything makes me cry).

Cravings: CHEESE SAUCE!! Haha, and cheesecake icecream. Pancheros burritos (they don’t have them here in CO and my mom actually brought me one!)

DAD thoughts: I ask Arnold how he’s doing every day and he stares at me like I’m dumb :P Pepe worries about me and now he likes to whisper into my belly every day – I like that they have their own special time while I get to carry him as my special time.