week 17.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 17 weeks – began 09/24/2016!

Size of Baby: Onion, pear, (oh that’s vague, have you seen the variety of those?) –  also a chipmunk and a game console controller :D more or less five inches and about the size of my palm.

Milestones: Forest has a fully functional circulatory system and is also creating his on meconium. He’s also practicing his sucking, swallowing, and breathing so when he’s born – it’s perfect!

Best Moment This Week: LITTLE FLUTTERS this week. VERY LIGHTLY and it was before bedtime and after I had gorged myself with halloween candy. Hopefully soon I don’t have to sugar charge him in order to feel his little movements!!

What I’m Looking Forward To: More consistent flutters and moving. It makes me melt.

What I Miss The Most: being able to do ANYTHING without the pregnancy patrol (those are people who come up to you and say “oh, should you be doing/eating/thinking/being that?”)

Symptoms: Other than my hormones making me cry at everything, I’m doing well. I caught a head cold this week and that’s been taking my focus away from pregnancy related symptoms.

Cravings: GRAPES & HONEY!!

DAD thoughts: Pepe whips out the guitar every night – he wants to make sure that Forest is brought up with jazz music instead of my 80s and classic rock ;) He is also consistently speaking into my belly because I told him that Forest would recognize him better once he comes out, haha. I have a very sweet husband who is very attentive to me and our baby <3