week 18.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 18 weeks – began 10.01.2016!

Size of Baby: a bell pepper or a sweet potato – either way, about 6 inches!

Milestones: The nervous system is rapidly maturing and his ability to hear is becoming stronger – apparently he is more in tune to what sounds are happening! I bet my coughing fits sound and feel like an earthquake to him.

Best Moment This Week: Arnold and I felt a distinct punch from Forest! Usually after dinner we lay down and put our hands on my belly and we felt a little punch. I’m just happy that arnold got to feel it so soon. Watching arnold experience this has been the best part so far of this pregnancy.

What I’m Looking Forward To: This is completely baby unrelated but I am ABSOLUTELY looking forward to the season premier of The Walking Dead. I am a bit obsessed with that show and am heavily emotionally invested.

What I Miss The Most: I have this deep fear that I’m going to get diabetes or Forest is sick or not right. I’m very worried. I want to just know. I miss being not pregnant and I would love for one cigarette. JUST BEING HONEST. nothing against my child but some things about not knowing and being limited to what I can do is a bit frustrating.

Symptoms: ITCHY AF. my boobs itch, my belly itches… I scratched myself so hard in my sleep that I woke up feeling like I was in Nightmare from Elm st. Bloating is down and replaced by a super tense and tight back (which I cannot crack. help me!) I also feel like my belly literally doubled in size this week so I’m having issues with my core body strength – too much stretching causes me to wake up with a sore abdomen so I’ve been using my legs a lot more to compensate.

Cravings: Tuna helper… I did it. sue me. I ate a whole box by myself and I don’t even regret it. Craving fruit smoothies and strawberry Popsicles. Also pulpy orange juice.

DAD thoughts: Arnold says he’s enjoying watching me become a mother. he feels like it will hit him hard but he’s also excited for the kicks and watching my belly grow. Pepe has been playing lullabys on his guitar for the belly ❤️❤️