week 20.

by chelseakyaw

ME!! At twenty weeks, above, and below – a progression of 12-19 weeks! HOLY COW. I mean.. it seems like there was an obvious growth spurt at around 18 weeks and then ever since, it’s just been like BAM – grow, GROW, GROW!

How far along: 20 WEEKS!! Began 10/15/2016!

Size of Baby: BANANA!! So… about 7 inches and 10oz. Every website is different and I JUST DONT KNOW ANYMORE… Doctor said that Forest is about 13oz. right now and his feet are 3.25cm. I didn’t think to ask how long he was measuring. He IS growing one day ahead so, right on track! 

Milestones: Hair is growing, nerves are growing, and all of his organs should be tucked away where they’re supposed to be. His little spine is also straightening out and he’s beginning to experience the world around him a little bit more (this includes in-utero and also out-utero!)

Best Moment This Week: seeing our healthy little guy kick and wiggle on the ultrasound. he is healthy and growing as he should. we are not aware of any birth defects of any and will continue to think positively that he will continue to be perfect. I could cry from being so lucky that he is okay. ANOTHER – my placenta has completely moved up! I no longer have previa of any kind and I am so so stoked!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  meeting our baby. I CANNOT WAIT to meet him! I’m just so ready to hold and snuggle and take care of a real baby and feeling kinda over being pregnant :P

What I Miss The Most: Sleeping through the night without waking up from some kind of pain, having a grasp on my emotions, and fitting into my clothes while feeling good about my body. 

Symptoms: One thing that I’ve been dealing with a little bit more are dizzy spells… they come out of nowhere. I could be sitting or standing and I will all of a sudden feel spins in my head. SCARY :( My abdomen also feels super tight and like its stretching.

Cravings: Not many strong cravings this week other than anything sugary. OH AND FRICKLES (fried pickles) – not regular pickles, barf. PANCAKES!! with honey – all day every day. 

DAD Thoughts: so so happy our little guy is okay. feeling kicks is a good way to make it feel more real for him, too. Arnold isn’t really the type to just pour out his thoughts into words, so he doesn’t have a lot to say about this – I just know he’s becoming more anxious and excited to finally meet him.