week 21.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 21 weeks :) Began 10.22.2016!

Size of Baby: Forest is the size of… a large carrot? Or a weasel or a base ball cap. where do they come up with these things? He should be about 10 inches and on average is like 12oz.

Milestones: Eyelashes and fingernails are now fully developed. They say that hearing is completely developed (haven’t they said that before? lol) – so now’s a good time to actually start interactions. The brain and muscles are now working in synchronization – which means that there is intent with movement.

Best Moment This Week: non-baby related was the taco tuesday event at work – me love tacos (especially shrimp tacos!). Baby related – I can now feel Forest pretty consistently and without “meditating” with my hand over my belly. He flutters between 9-11am constantly and I can usually feel him between 8-9pm at night when Arnold and I have some time together! This week, the kicks were also strong enough to SEE!! holy cow he’s gonna be a strong one. help me. 

What I’m Looking Forward To:  BABYMOON… we have officially set up a little weekend getaway somewhere warm and out of Colorado! STAY TUNED FOR KYAWVENTURES. Also looking to a month of whole30/paleo (we’ve changed our minds and are customizing this to be more us and accommodating to what baby needs).

What I Miss The Most: I MISS MY CLOTHES. I had an occurrence this week where I went through clothes I thought I could savage through this pregnancy. LOW AND BEHOLD, they don’t fit. I had a meltdown. The irrational side of me panicked and felt like the rest of this pregnancy will suffer fashion-wise. Like.. how can I possibly wear ONLY just the two maternity pants I own. :P

Symptoms: *heavy breathing* I feel very out of shape, but I think Forest is moving everything up and it’s pushing on my lungs? So I get very out of breath (very easily too) and it sucks. Is bitchiness a symptom? Because also that.

Cravings: Starbucks cake pops, donuts, pastries… please pregnancy gods allow me not to have diabetes. 

DAD Thoughts: having the kicks be strong enough to feel and see is helping Arnold realize that we’ve actually got a little Arnold inside of me waiting to kick its way out. I ask him how he feels this week and he says “ummmmmm” so i guess that’s the more accurate response.