by chelseakyaw

chelsea and arnold go on a food adventure… for the month of november. and yes, we are crazy, BUT we are also people who don’t follow all of the rules so we will be “customizing” the whole30 diet to accommodate us (mostly my pregnancy, haha!)

So, for those of you who don’t know, the whole30 basically asks that you omit sugar, dairy, grain, legumes, alcohol, and preservatives AND to also not try to make any substitutes for things like the baked goods and junk foods. the way i take this is that they want you to stick to a mostly veggie/meat/fruit diet and get rid of bad habits. ooooookay, so basically “chelsea and arnold can’t eat anything they normally eat” except coffee. thank you jesus for coffee.

OUR EXCEPTIONS // because i’m pregnant and my baby’s health and my sanity is of the upmost importance to me, as well as dragging arnold through this – we are going to keep rice and milk (soy or almond for me) because… that’s just what we need. i mean, he’s asian and i need that kind of direct source of calcium (i know, other things have calcium), but that’s what we’ve decided. and yep, we are allowing one small cheat a day (if necessary) and during our babymoon, game off!

mostly i’m just excited to have some kind of structured set of diet limitations for a while to see what kind of changes this leads for us. the hardest part will not be eating ice cream, pizza, and adding syrup to my lattes. and eating candy bars and donuts… help me. and mostly bless arnolds soul for agreeing to half-ass this with me and try to make some conscious changes to our digestive system and hopefully our wallets.