by chelseakyaw

day2 into my journey and I’m already feeling a bit… hopeless. If I can be completely honest! Following the guidelines of the “whole30” is extremely difficult and limiting, and really causing me to realize that I’m basically only interested in completely ridding myself of dairy and grains for the month (the foods I feel cause me the most digestive issues) and then severely limiting my sugars. I still plan on maintaining a whole diet.. so is this a new “diet” that I’ve invented? GUESS SO.

So yesterday.. I started off really good. Had my cup of coffee, ate a really good sweet potato with some pulled beef and had a lot of water, and then Forest (I blame this on my unborn baby, please don’t judge my mothering skills) was like “mom, I really REALLY would like some chocolate, and remember how much I love it and remember how much YOU love it when I kick because of that? yeah… you should do it” BUT I DIDN’T, GUYS. I didn’t. I left the house and ran some errands and was actually productive because I thought distracting myself from that would help. Then dinner rolls around, a yummy spinach/egg/tilapia/tomato salad and then I’m thinking “we have no groceries and this is DRY AF” so that’s when I used my “cheat” and used some raspberry chipotle dressing, which helped tremendously and then made me feel guilty. I’m the type of person who will turn my guilt into justification, so I was thinking “well, that was your cheat Chelsea, and that’s not so bad. No one likes dry AF salad, anyway.” Fast forward… thirty minutes into blacklist and couch cuddles with Arnold when I am reminded about the candy bar that we have in the fridge.

ME // “ARNOLD, you wont judge me if I eat the chocolate bar, will you? I think Forest will like it.. he always kicks when I do that…”

ARNOLD // “Why would I judge you on eating a candy bar?”

ME // ” Because I set these ridiculous standards and fail the first day.”

well, we shared that candy bar and then came up with some new rules for ourselves. Which is what I mentioned above, how we are going to SEVERELY limit processed foods, completely get rid of dairy & grains – and then see what that does for the month. So yeah… the “whole30” is going well..

One thing you should commend me for, is that we are supposed to hang out with friends on Thursday night… who naturally wanted pizza and card games, and I was about that close to being like “fuck it, i love pizza” but I told the friend something along the lines of how crazy I was for doing the whole30 and I can’t have pizza… so we scheduled a modmarket date instead, which is super healthy. So I’m proud of myself. And you betcha ass when December rolls around, I’m ordering a nice big anchovies and pineapple pizza!

day2, set scene // sandwich potluck. fuck my life – who does that? am i going to cheat again? probably… maybe… but at least it’s not a giant greasy cheesy pizza…