week 22.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 22weeks :) started 10.29.2016

Size of Baby: food comparisons say that he’s the size of a papaya or a corn on the cob – I feel like he’s 20# already with the strength of a world cup soccer player (that’s what daddy says)! Basically he should be around 11 inches and 1 pound.

Milestones: Forest’s muscles are fine-tuning themselves, and he’s getting stronger and developing more brown adipose (the fat that is good for energy, not the white fat that mama is getting on her whole body!)

Best Moment This Week: watching my rippling belly due to Forest movements. i have noticed that he is responding more and more to certain stimuli – such as chocolate and his dads voice. i can already tell that he’s gonna be arnolds best friend. i don’t get as many quick kicks as arnold does when speaking to the belly.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  holding my baby. isn’t that a given? but i just want to hold him and watch him and care for him. it’s making me so antsy! i’m ready now, but he can stay in there as long as he needs.

What I Miss The Most: so much. they are all dumb things though, the ones that i mention every week – clothes, my body, my energy, sleep…

Symptoms: achy belly, especially at night. a lot of indigestion and nausea as well as fatigue paired with dizziness. i’m not too worried for health things, it’s just i’m getting bigger and dealing with shit so i need to stay hydrated and eat better.

Cravings: nothing good for me!! haha – pizza, fish, fruit. nothing specific this week. the cravings are more like me smelling something or hearing mention of something and then deciding that i need that so bad until the next thing comes up. 

DAD Thoughts: Arnold organized all of the baby clothes this week and set up the dresser for Forest, so dad thoughts this week revolve around “my son has a more extensive wardrobe than i do!”


if i can be honest, and perhaps go off on a bit of a tangent // this week has been really hard for me. i don’t know why and i’m not sure if it can be “blamed” on hormones or just a lot of different factors LIKE the fact that i have a very stressful job in which i can do my best and work my hardest and it will show little results, my cats all seem to be having a lot of random health issues brought on by the dry weather and allergies and also stress.  i am finding that my stress is becoming a physical nuisance without actually being mentally stressed and obsessive on any one thing. it also has me realizing that the way i used to cope with stress was unhealthy – smoking, drinking, eating not so healthy things, reclusion, and maybe a not so pleasant attitude. i’m not perfect though, but realizing that and struggling to find newer and healthy ways is starting to make me feel like i’m going to be a bad mom.

and you know what the worst part of this and all stress is? comparing yourself to others. i don’t have a lot of money – seeing new moms on the internet with fancy nurseries and the latest and greatest baby items… it makes me jealous and hesitant on the type of environment i’m bringing Forest into. thank GOD or whatever higher power for Arnold, who constantly reassures me that we have the necessities, good morals, and all the love in the world – which is more than enough for our baby. i just… would not be able to do this without him.

the best thing i can do and recommend to other expecting mothers is to trust in yourself and realize that this is not the time to have full control. because you can’t. and you won’t. and sometimes all you can do is be positive and do what you can to the top of your abilities while staying healthy and happy. focus on yourself and your mental sanity and take these stressors as lessons to become a better mother (or father!). i’ve taken this advice and scheduled myself a prenatal massage, made myself some essential oil blends so i can smell pretty and destress aromatherapy wise, and i’ve also written down things that i can and cannot control and do my best to go over that daily.