week 23.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 23 weeks :) Began 11.05.2016!

Size of Baby: Probably similar to last week, a little over a foot long and around a pound. It’s hard to say! I’m guessing Forest is about that, he was growing perfectly at our 21 week appointment, so I’d say following these guidelines is “accurate” with him too. Size comparisons are a large mango/grapefruit, a barbie doll, or a chinchilla! (Hahahaha!)

Milestones: Proportions are newborn-like, just probably a little bit thinner. He’ll be continually growing faster and harder now as well as putting on some plump for when he comes earth-side. Cartilage in his little body is now turning into bone (woooo ossification, yay science!), and similar to weeks before, he’s hearing more, kicking more, and learning how to use his lungs for the outside world. One thing i thought was cool is that he’s developing a sense of balance – arnold and i actually talked about that, wondering if he can tell when i move around and switch positions.

Best Moment This Week: getting out of colorado!! we spent a few days in santa fe new mexico for the hell of it! we wanted to go somewhere warm and out of colorado, so here we are! the dry heat was fun and a nice scenic break from the type of landscapes we were used to.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  im SO excited to hold him and dress him up in all of the adorable little outfits we’ve gotten for him! he should be a stylish little guy.

What I Miss The Most: alcohol!!!! this week was election week and i could have used a few drinks. i had to drown my sorrows in snacks!!

Symptoms: Constant weight gain! Although most of it is sticking around the midsection and causing me to grow rapidly, I have known that I’ve gained a thick layer around my whole body – let’s just say the only thing making me feel better about that is that I’m storing “nutrients” to build him stronger now and to help me breast feed when he’s born.

Cravings: CHEEEEESE – always. I should have just named him cheese because this is getting out of hand.

DAD Thoughts: Arnold seems so chill about everything. he doesn’t worry much, which is nice – it helps to keep me calm. very go-with-the-flow about it all.