by chelseakyaw

If you are new (or no stranger) to essential oils, I hope this post helps you somehow! Essential oils are my life force! It’s been a few years of limited medications, caustic cleaning products, and other unnatural products in me (and my husband’s) life. We are by no means “crunchy” – and just so you know, I hate that word. Instead, more “natural” and less toxic. As much as we can be, anyway. Anyway – I’ve tried a handful of different essential oil brands before confidently settling on doTerra (to each their own & please don’t let my own personal choice of oils affect your opinion on this post – I hope that you still utilize the information and resources I’ve provided to you)!

In this post, I am going to be discussing how my husband and I have used oils for fertility AND for “maintenance” throughout this pregnancy.


The oils above // Frankincense, Fennel, Cypress, Geranium, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender // are all advised for fertility! I myself made a blend of equal parts Fennel, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, and also Clary Sage (which is not above) – I rubbed on my abdomen & uterus pulse points (inside of the ankles and wrists) as well as the ovary pulse points (outside of ankles and wrists) twice a day and also put a few drops of each in my evening baths. I may have gone overboard and used it as my perfume, but sorry, we were super dedicated to getting knocked up. Maybe it was the magic of the oils or just that Arnold and I are SUPER fertile, but it only took us our second month of trying to conceive. On top of that, because I truly believe a good diet and intentions help with everything, we ate “fertility foods” and I started taking prenatals.

Once we became pregnant, I diligently did my research for what I should avoid. I asked my uplines, doctors, and sifted through the scientific properties of oils to come up with this list. I encourage you to do your own research and ask your doctor if you are scared or not sure. Better safe than sorry :) So – OILS TO AVOID BELOW

  • Clary Sage – my reason for primarily giving up this oil is that it effects your estrogen and that it may cause contractions. I was super nervous and afraid of miscarriage, so I was not going to mess with that. I also “gave up” Clary Calm because that blend focuses primarily on hormones and has a lot of clary sage in it. There are a handful of blends including clary sage that I’m not too worried about (one of them being the peace blend) – but i just make sure to dilute that if I’m applying topically, and so far, no problems.
  • Peppermint – only during the third trimester. This is thought to decrease your milk supply and potentially stimulate labor (seems contradictory a bit, eh?) – so I was told to stay away from any blend primarily consisting of peppermint for topical usage (or internal, but some of these you won’t use internally anyway) including Deep Blue, Breathe, and AromaTouch. BUT PLEASE – UTILIZE THE PEPPERMINT FOR NAUSEA IN YOUR FIRST AND SECOND TRIMESTER. Sorry for all of the capital shouting letters, but it saved my life!
  • To be honest, there are a lot listed on many different lists – if you feel uncomfortable and are sensitive or feel that you may have unsafe reactions, you may want to stay away from Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Wintergreen, Dill, Fennel, and Marjoram. I myself have used these – maybe more aromatically than topically, but have had no problems. I am almost 25 weeks pregnant and my baby is very healthy.




Grapefruit & Helichrysum!! These two together are PERFECT for “preventing” stretch marks. I mean, as much as you can… I get that those are usually part of genetics and other sometimes uncontrollable things, but since the day I found out I was pregnant, I used some sort of mixture of shea butter / coconut oil / vitamin E / jojoba oil with some oils. Grapefruit helps with the aging of the skin and revitalizing of the cells, which is perfect when your skin cells are expanding and growing SUPER FAST. Not only that, but rubbing it on your belly can help with sugar cravings, reducing bloat, and easing stomach discomfort. Two birds, my friends! Helichrysum contains “diketones” which can help aging or discoloration in skin – another essential when your belly is growing super fast. I’ve also used the whisper blend as well as sandalwood in my belly butters!


Sandalwood – heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes. my favorite oil for this pregnancy. I have craved “grounding” oils and this is the best. It can put you in a deep sense of calmness which is perfect if you’re a stressed out, anxiety ridden person like myself. I’ve mentioned that it’s good for the skin, but my favorite way to use it is to put a drop with lotion into my hands, breathe deeply for a few minutes and then lay on my back and focus on breathing so I can feel in tune with my baby and practice for labor. Basically, get yourself some of this for sure because you’ll be using it throughout your pregnancy and it’s safe for the little babe once he/she is born as well.


Pregnancy really does a number on your hormones… and for some, maybe you get glowing skin, which is GREAT – congrats, I’m happy for you. I could have sworn I was having a girl because you know, old wives-tales say that they steal your beauty, and my skin was turning for the worse, so… girl, right? NOPE. just a devastatingly handsome boy growing inside of me. Anyway, because your facial products soak into your skin and can get into your body (somewhat, but that’s science), then I knew I needed to go more natural so I can fight the breakouts and pregnancy “glow” (aka – sweat and stuff). A regimen of melaleuca touch, immortelle, and HD clear is what I used along with coconut oil to help fight the acne and keep moisturized!


Can we talk about getting sick and being pregnant at the same time? LITERALLY THE WORST. Why? Oh because you can’t take any medications without fearing that it will kill your baby. I got a terrible cold at the beginning of my second trimester and was severely dependent on these above! Breathe – rub that all over the chest for congestion and place a few drops in palm to breathe deeply. Deep Blue – because sometimes your muscles ache when you don’t feel well and nothing else will do! Lemon & Frankincense – together with a spoonful of honey (I also add On Guard to that mixture) is going to help with your immune system, and then On Guard Touch – on the bottom of the feet and back of neck!

We can just call this part ONE of WHATEVER because there is WAY MORE to go off of and way more things to discuss :)