week 24.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 24 weeks – started 11.12.2016

Size of Baby: So from crown to rump, baby should be about 8.5 inches – and if he has mama’s long legs, probably like 13 inches total right now ;) also weighing in at 1.25 pounds and steadily gaining about 150 grams a week (which he will also do for a few months after birth!) Food comparison – large eggplant!

Milestones: Forest’s face is almost completely developed. He also has a lot of hair all over his body that currently has no color to it. On top of that, he is constantly gaining fat! Surfactant, which helps the sacs in the lungs inflate, are developing and increasing so he can breathe once he’s born. Science is amazing and I LOVE reading about all of the little details going on in his body right now. The best part about this week is he’s now viable – so in case anything happens and he’s born prematurely, he has a chance of survival.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing Forest’s heart (157bpm this month!) and PRENATAL MASSAGE!!! Being able to lay on my belly for the first time (comfortably anyway) in a few months was enough for me. maybe Pepe will make me a donut pillow contraption? 

What I’m Looking Forward To:  everything? what’s there new to say about things i’m looking forward to besides the given of meeting and holding my baby. I guess this week, i’m looking forward to the next 15 weeks of training my mind and body to hopefully accept birth with open arms. Also, the midwife told me and Arnold to come up with a “safe word” so if i absolutely feel the need to use an epidural (which is the one thing i want to push myself into not having if at all possible), then we know I am serious and not just being a baby (hahah) during transition. 

What I Miss The Most: Again… body struggles. i miss being skinny. it is really hard for me to put on this weight and feel so huge – especially because Arnold himself is not that big of a guy. I am trying my hardest to stay healthy and develop new habits, but it’s weird because Arnold and I were healthy and active before baby and it’s like now… minus a decrease in my exercise, i feel like my metabolism has just quit. 

Symptoms: You can FINALLY see that little line on my belly – it’s super faint but Arnold noticed that coming in this week. My belly is so itchy and red, as well. Swollen fingers… my wedding ring is uncomfortable. even with about 80oz. of water consumed a day. help me! 

Cravings: Pancakes with maple syrup!!!  and broccoli on potatoes. and.. chicken and fruit? 

DAD Thoughts: Arnold feels about how i do now! just anxious and excited to meet little Forest, finally. Not many updates this week. I’m trying to encourage Arnold to go and do things he likes to do before baby arrives.. but most of that consists of hanging out with me and the cats anyway