week 25.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 25 weeks :) began 11.19.2016!!

Size of Baby: Forest should be over 13.5 inches and 1.5lbs. About the size of a bundle of cauliflower, baseball glove, or a small bag of sugar. My uterus (his house) is the size of a soccer ball.

Milestones: Right now, Forest is in “breech” – which really isn’t the correct term for that, but my midwife says he’s got his head above my belly button and that is why I’m feeling him kick so low. This is completely normal right now and most babies at this point are in this position.  Hoping that he turns when he’s supposed to (but I’m not too worried about that!… YET…)

Best Moment This Week: FOOOOOOD! Arnold and I had thanksgiving together, which we did not last year – so I am just thankful for the time that we get together. AND the fact that there is A LOT to be thankful for in general this year – a healthy baby boy growing inside of me, a *relatively* “easy” pregnancy, a sweet and loving husband, and for a job that provides enough for me to get to enjoy more than shelter and food!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Arnold and I are buying ourselves a sewing machine “for Christmas” sew we can do things (hahahah get it?) – And so I’m WAY MORE EXCITED than I should be to make cloth wipes and turn arnold’s old shirts into sleeping gowns. GUYS. I have so many ideas. I’m also going to make a faux fir rug for the “nursery” – mostly now I’m excited for little nesting projects and cleaning and organizing. How mom do I sound right now?

What I Miss The Most: not having such annoying hip pain? hahah i feel like a granny when i move sometimes because i get so stiff. thankfully, a good night of sleep will cure all of my issues. i also miss having control of my bladder. those were the days…

Symptoms: Are these symptoms? I can’t see my privates anymore, my ankles are cankles about 50% of the time, I heavy breathe if I move more than one flight of stairs at a time (yes, I am trying to walk and move and keep active but LORD HELP ME, the baby is pushing hard on everything), and I don’t even have to sneeze to pee my pants anymore because Forest does a good job of kicking my bladder. My back is also starting to ache more in the lower area, especially if I don’t sleep well.

Cravings: I think this goes without saying… cheese. queso, macaroni & cheese, any kind of creamy salty cheese! also pancakes. if i could eat cheese and pancakes all day every day… yesssss

DAD Thoughts: Arnold is super excited to hold his baby soon! and he loves that you can see Forest rumble through my belly when he moves around. I have a good husband as a partner and i can’t wait to see him become a daddy.