week 26.

by chelseakyaw

How far along:  26 weeks – as of 11.26.2017!

Size of Baby: We’ll say that he’s the size of my pancake plate because, well, look above at that picture. But he’s closer to the size of a coconut and around 2 pounds and 14 inches! He’s getting squished in my uterus, but I imagine it to be soft and cozy in there like a giant loveseat pillow.

Milestones: His little eyes, blue now but most likely will be brown later, are almost ready to open! It’s also SUPER SCARY AND SUPER EXCITING to think that he’s actually full term in 11 weeks, so he could be making his appearance then and be fine. His little boy parts are now descending and doing their job… so that’s that.

Best Moment This Week: Arnold and i took some maternity “boudoir” photos and he truly did a wonderful job of making me feel beautiful. I will post those in a later blog entry once i finish tinkering with them. Most likely week27. Other than that, we had three whole days together where we did nothing other than eat and nest a bit.

What I’m Looking Forward To:   Other than meeting my bundle? i’m looking forward to Christmas season!! Mostly for the lights and the color and the happiness. Arnold and i don’t get into the whole tree and gift thing very much – we just enjoy time and lights and love together. 

What I Miss The Most: This week i am very positive and excited. thankfully i have been working very hard at keeping my anxiety at bay, so everything is great. I would like to be able to fit into my clothes again! The clothes that i set aside for “maternity” use are even growing tight. Anything that is not super flowy or stretchy is not happening.

Symptoms: The sleepiness is coming back. I can tell that around 3-4 pm i am losing my energy, and that is with about 8-9 hours of sleep every night and trying to “take it easy” during the day. My back and hips get stiff at night, but mostly i feel great!

Cravings: Pancakes. every damn day. and cake and donuts and cookies. eeeeekkkkk. and cheesy noodles. lol

DAD Thoughts:  Arnold loves my bump. he told me the other day i’m emitting just the right types of pheromones. probably the ones that yell “hey you did this to me!” lol. He’s so sweet though – such a calm presence to my normally anxious self. I accidentally bought duplicates of baby mittens (omg end of the world, i know) and he talked me out of a meltdown. I am lucky to be with such a selfless man – he will for sure be the best daddy.