by chelseakyaw

May I say that I have an extremely talented husband? Photos taken by Arnold and edited by me. I was really nervous to do these – If you know me, you know that I am an extremely modest person. I don’t show “cleavage” and I don’t even like wearing bathing suits in public. HOWEVER, it’s okay to be in your underwear when you’re pregnant, right? ;) Being pregnant (for me anyway) has been a time where I do not feel good about myself. I started out before pregnancy weighing 120 TOPS and now I’m already close to 160. I guess my body decided that it would shut down metabolism wise and that I needed to bulk up to carry Forest in the best way possible. Basically, these curves are new to me and I’ve struggled in accepting them.

After Arnold took these photos for me, it’s weird to say, but I found a new appreciation for my new body. Looking at these brought up a lot of emotions; Finally, I felt beautiful after struggling for 6 months. Now, I think that I accept my curves – After all, they are here to grow my baby and my husband still loves me and finds me beautiful. These photos,  are also something I will treasure forever. Probably not something I’ll be bragging to Forest about because he’ll be like “EW MOM GROSS” – but that’s okay ;)