week 27.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 27 weeks as of 12.03.2016.

Size of Baby: Ranging anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 pounds and probably around 15 inches or so? I feel like this answer never changes. The food comparison is anywhere between a head of lettuce/cauliflower or a rutabaga.

Milestones:  Everything is developing and growing and preparing for the outside world! He basically is a little person just super skinny and probably kinda gross looking (but he’s my baby, so he’s obviously adorable). Apparently the eyes can open and close and that’s super weird to Arnold, he actually doesn’t believe me, but since I’m doing extensive research, I would say that’s right.

Best Moment This Week: Arnold and i went on our hospital tour this week and i made plans with a local doula to discuss placenta encapsulation (If you don’t know much about this, stay tuned for a further update on all of that!!) It was refreshing to see where our little baby would be born and to finalize something natural to keep me and Forest healthy during the fourth trimester.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  finalizing all of the preparation for baby stuff!! we went to Ikea this week and got some things, cleaned the abode to be more baby friendly – now just to accumulate the rest of our necessities and finish decorating.

What I Miss The Most: I really miss iowa and my old friends and my family. Thankfully i have some really great people close to me here who have helped keep me sane through a lot of trying times, but i miss being home. It gets very overwhelming and lonely feeling, especially through this pregnancy not having my family and arnolds family here. The holidays are also coming up and because Arnold works with Microsoft, that’s the busiest time of the year – which means i can’t go home in the snow and leave arnold here alone, but it also means that it’s just me and the cats “enjoying” some time.

Symptoms: TIRED!!! And sore… and hungry. I am an oooof and an emotional mess. My eyes are constantly holding back tears because everything makes me cry.

Cravings: Pretty sure I am craving the idea of avocados. They sound super good, with hot sauce or with tuna, and then I go to eat and it’s like BLEH!! But I do this all the time? Also baked potatoes. With cheese and broccoli. And pancakes. 

DAD Thoughts: Arnold told me the other day that he can’t wait to be a daddy and to hold our baby. I love how sweet and sincere he is and how supportive he is. I think it’s also a little scary to him when we talk about things like birth and being informed in case i can’t make a decision or am unable due to health issues. One thing that is really difficult (for the both of us) is discussing what to do if something goes wrong during birth.