week 28.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 28 whole weeks as of 12.10.2016 – feels like 8k weeks already!

Size of Baby: Forest is about 15 inches and 2.2 pounds (some sources say nearly 4 pounds? AHHHH!) Apparently he’s the size of a large eggplant or a coconut – but I could have sworn I said that like 4 weeks ago, so who knows!? Midwife says he is growing right on track and we can expect him being a March baby!

Milestones: Baby boy is bulking up and his little wrinkles are smoothing out. From now on, his weight gain is rapid (as is mine, I bet!) Other than that, he is probably fully developed and his nerves/lungs/brain are working to prepare himself for earth side. One thing I can’t tell is where he is. I feel movements above my naval, but I also feel a lot of movements around my pelvis – I am guessing sometime this last week he has rotated because things feel more towards the side. My midwife told me they usually move to position around 30 weeks, so I’m fine now, but that’s something to watch for.

Best Moment This Week: this week has been pretty standard and nothing standout has happened. Arnold and i got one day to relax together and we spent a lot of time cuddling with the kitties. I’ve been scrounging cloth diaper groups a lot and made it out with a really great haul of cloth covers so i am STOKED!! also got news that i do NOT have gestational diabetes so I guess it’s time to celebrate with cake and pancakes and just go to town on sugar shit? lol. 

What I’m Looking Forward To: if I can be honest… maternity leave. spending some time with Arnold and Forest and sleeping (JK NOT SLEEPING) is a dream right now. I am NOT looking for dealing with the damn insurance and how the united states is stupid with their maternity pay. Really – three months TOPS and only a fraction of that is paid based on disability? WUT. Lately, when touching my belly, Arnold and i have distinctly been able to feel baby rather than just a plump blob. We have been trying to guess which body part it is that we can feel or is sticking out. I love that he’s gonna get bigger and we will be able to do this even better. it does creep me out a little bit though, in the most endearing way. And sorry forest – i don’t think i would like it if i was being grabbed and poked while i was napping… hehe 

What I Miss The Most: not having heartburn, being able to roll over in my sleep, and being able to get myself out of bed without arnold giving me a nudge or magically finding a position to heave myself out. 

Symptoms: fatigue x 67. I am developing insomnia at night, waking up early because Arnold gets up early for work and Forest starts his flutters around 4am… and then come 3pm (much like first trimester), i am SO TIRED. My emotions are also really wonky, sometimes I get dizzy, and I have no sense of my strength/balance anymore, sooooo… Another thing is I am super congested and can never breathe. help me! My rings don’t fit (it makes me REALLY sad – I am super upset I can’t fit into my wedding ring anymore. I thankfully have a replacement because for some stupid reason, I’m thinking someone’s going to judge me as a single mom – not that single moms are bad – and… yeah… haha). also heart burn.

Cravings: hardcore salted caramel core ben & jerry’s ice cream. it’s funny because i think being pregnant is removing my lactose intolerant symptoms? i used to not be able to eat ice cream without getting a scratchy throat but i can EAT EAT EAT so much and none of that soy shit!! 

DAD Thoughts: Forest is more responsive to Pe and that’s been awesome because now he wants to talk to my belly more. We’ve been reading and playing music for him – he loves enya and gypsy jazz (hahah) and cat purrs – Forest, not so much arnold. Arnold is also building some things for storage and taking good care of me and researching dad stuff.