week 29.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 29WEEEEEEEKS. As of 12.17.2016 :D

Size of Baby: Acorn/butternut squash? One of the squashes? Haha – so I guess about 15 inches and then around 3 pounds? I keep guessing we’re gonna have a long lanky guy. Myself and Arnold are both medium height but pretty lanky, so if genetics are in his “favor” he will be too.

Milestones: Typical maturation that was mentioned in the past weeks such as… fat build up, brain & lung advancement, and now that cheese-layer we talked about a million weeks ago is being replaced by small hairs to keep him warm! ME, on the other hand, THANKS FOR ASKING, I am doing well. I think that I feel less bloated but still like a whale. Apparently Forest is now starting to develop preferences for things, but Arnold and I don’t know how to distinguish one kick from the other, so he either hates cake or he loves cake.. hehe. His kicks are also getting STRONGER – like “oomph” causing, but it tickles and always makes me laugh a little when he kicks me, so I don’t mind. This week was also the first rib kick. Now he is managing to smash both my bladder and ribs. we got a long way to go with this!!

Best Moment This Week: my belly quakes!!! that’s what i’ve decided to call his little movements. they’ve definitely picked up this week. i love watching my belly wiggle and move all over the place. it brings so much joy to my heart. Also arnold built a ton of things to organize the home for Forest and things are just coming together more and more. Arnolds Vue finally kicked the bucket… which i don’t know if that’s a good thing, but i’m trying to see the silver lining of “we don’t have to keep pouring money into that shit machine” or else i will freak out that we now only have one car right before he’s born…

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Arnold and I joke, okay mostly me, that after we get home from the hospital & birth, i’m going to sit by myself with some peace & quiet, a pack of cigarettes, a raw steak, a yummy pina colada, and a million pounds of sushi. all things i have “deprived” myself of throughout this pregnancy journey. AKA MY VICES FOR STRESS. While i am most excited for the arriving of my wiggly little half-asian, i definitely will be glad to have my crazy stress handlers back (in moderation, duh).

What I Miss The Most:  i miss… aforementioned vices. but am surviving well without them and finding more natural and healthy ways to not go insane, which is… oils, crying a lot, and eating my feelings.

Symptoms: fatness. in all serious, i feel so fat. i’m not swollen or anything but i have a thick layer everywhere that i never had before and it is driving me NUTS!! real symptoms include fatigue, forgetfulness, my gums are a wreck… it goes on.

Cravings: baked goods such as brownies, cheesecakes, muffins, cupcakes, cake… uhhhh **heart eyes** and macaroni & cheese. yum. i also bought a pack of velveeta this week and plan on eating the whole thing soon. 

DAD Thoughts: Arnold loves his little boy so much already. Sometimes he will talk to my belly just quiet enough to where i can’t hear but i know Forest can hear him. Forest is a lot like Arnold already… chill AF when he’s napping and inactive but when he’s up… not so chill AF. I told Arnold that he could be born anytime after 7 weeks and still be considered full-term and it’s just, kinda hard to wrap your mind around!!