week 30.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 30WEEKS!! as of christmas eve 2016 ✨🌲

Size of Baby: Forest is… big. but not ready for birth big – instead football or tub of ice cream or platypus big. My app says 15.7 in. and 3lbs. If you can tell by the photo above, he prefers sitting on one particular side (my right side) which makes for a lopsided mama.

Milestones: his little lungs and digestive system are more and more preparing for the outside world, as are his kidneys. he has a super great survival rate if born now, but i’m willing to wait a bit longer… i guess. (ps i’m kidding. please keep him inside until he’s ready!)

Best Moment This Week: our “first” christmas with him in our life but also the last before he is earth side. This week, movements have also picked up a lot! he’s growing a bunch, so i’m assuming the decreasing amount of room is contributing to that.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  now i am excited for next year’s christmas season when we have a 9ish month old with us! i find myself getting jealous of others celebrating the season with their babes, but this waiting will pay off. I also can’t wait to toss & turn in my sleep without waking up, get up without feeling like a workout, fit into all of my clothes (including my shoes now…), and snuggle and dress and care for my little Forie (Arnold started that nickname and now I do it.. damnit).

What I Miss The Most: well… i think the time of no stretch marks has come, so i miss that. it’s not crazy bad, but if you pay really close attention and get really close you can see them. *insert sob face here* Arnold thinks I’m delusional, and I think he’s just being nice… so WHO CAN WE TRUST THESE DAYS?

Symptoms: sore and tired. i feel like a lazy POS to be honest. my hips hurt and if I don’t eat something every hour, i get SUPER HANGRY!!! Another symptom – FEELINGS. Like, I’ll be sitting doing a mundane task and then all of a sudden just want to cry? WTF is that all about. I don’t though. But I could, just so you know.

Cravings: This week is sweets. and then to the far extreme i’ve been eating salads every day because fresh vegetables sound soooooooo goooooood. and orange juice.

DAD Thoughts: “I dream about sitting with him on the couch.” -Arnold.