by chelseakyaw

WEEELLLLLL… here we are. Again. A turn of the new year and I’m complaining about the past and swearing that I’ll do better for the next, accompanied by ridiculous goals that will probably never happen. But that is all of us! And that’s what motivates me… for two months and then I quit and go back (but still slightly better with new habits). Anyone else?

But I am SO EXCITED for it to be 2017, mainly for the fact that I woke up and was like “HOLY SHIT I’M GONNA HAVE A BABY THIS YEAR.” That includes Arnold, but he’s not “having” it like I am… logistics, ya know?

I don’t have a lot of expectations this year. Last year, if you want to reference this post, I just wanted to focus on ME and my family and not worry so much. And you know what – IT WAS GREAT. It was AWESOME to say “NO” and to not do what I didn’t want to do, and to try not to please people who didn’t care about pleasing me. It was amazing, and I hope that it only gets better the next year. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful little boy that will (hopefully) make it into this world safely – who motivate me to be the best me possible.

Arnold and I have talked a little bit about what we want to do and what we want 2017 to bring. Here are OUR THINGS //

  • Eat better // by eat better, we mean – try not to drink pop so much, quit driving through Taco Bell or ordering a pizza or getting Panda Express when we’re tired. SUCK IT UP and go to the grocery store and prepare a meal. First of all, it’s cheaper. Secondly, It’s healthier. Thirdly, It’s something to do besides care for an infant and lounge on the couch, I guess.
  • Read more and watch TV less // this “goal” is set aside because we assume that a baby will want quiet, and turning the TV on for noise might annoy him. Also, to expand our minds through text and read aloud to Forest might encourage bonding. Arnold doesn’t read a lot. I do. But I think if we read more, when he gets older, it will send him the message that “Reading IZ importantz”
  • Don’t take the easy way out // some things are easier and some things you do because you’re being lazy. Liiiiike disposable diapers, ordering takeout food, putting the kid in front of an electronic device, throwing the dirty and clean clothes around instead of putting them where they belong. i’m not saying these things are bad and LORD knows i have no room to talk because i haven’t been through it YET, but again – limit these vices.
  • BE POSITIVE +++++ // shit happens. worrying will ensue. just… hope for the best and DO your best and that’s all.

2016 went out with lots of snuggles,cats, and donuts. i hope that there is much more of that in 2017.