by chelseakyaw

Above you will see all the contents of Arnold’s beautiful “Daddy Survival Kit” – Heavy on the daddy and light on the survival. One thing I’ve noticed throughout this pregnancy is that no one cares about dad. Except me. Not many people, besides our immediate family, are concerned about how ARNOLD is doing through this. Just so you know, he’s hanging on by a thread ;) Just kidding. The other day, he told me – “You know, I hear about a lot of women being crazy and having weird cravings and freaking out all the time, and I don’t get that from you.” And I was like… YEP… I hold that in for you! CONTROL. Arnold will get an awakening when labor hits and he has to help out then. I’m going light on him because he’s going to have to take charge and deal with my crazy through that.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you know, when I’m not working out or eating kale. *EDITORS NOTE* Arnold spends a lot of time on Pinterest, too. He likes to read life hacks, crazy facts, and weird stories. I got to thinking… “I should do something for Arnold!” And so all you have to do is put some sort of verbiage ranging from “Dad” to “Gift” to “Pregnancy” and even throw in a “Survival” and you get some really good ideas!

My “Survival Kit” for Arnold is super minimum… and that’s because 1. I went shopping during the Holiday season and a few of the things I wanted to get were not in stock anymore. 2. I gave it to him a few weeks ago because I was so excited to give it to him and I didn’t have a chance to get the things I wanted to add to it. AAAAND 3. Arnold is a minimal, simple guy! As a preface, some of these are hospital specific and others are soon when we get home.

D A D D Y    S U R V I V A L    K I T

  • Bath Robe // Arnold has been wanting a bath robe for a while. A bath robe is PERFECT for keeping him warm and snuggly for cuddle sessions with Forest. I also used the robe to wrap everything, so when I gave it to him, he thought he was just getting a bath robe. Hahahah joke’s on Arnold!
  • Candies & Snacks // A few favorite snacks and “energy” boosters – Arnold looooves butterfingers and sour patch kids. The crunch cliffs will also be useful for when he can’t grab a meal and needs a bite. The hanger is also real with Arnold.
  • Espresso // Dazbog is a local coffee shop and when i found espresso BEANS, I knew this would be perfect. EXTREEEEME energy boost, for loooong sleepless nights (starting in the hospital – poor Arnold).
  • Daddy Swag // Forest should be proud to have a Pepe like Arnold. I thought these little outfits were a cute reminder. Also found at Target, which has been taking all of my money lately.
  • Burp Cloths // For daddy-baby bonding time. As I am hoping to EBF Forest, I also plan on pumping so Arnold can be a part of this as well. Hopefully limited spit-up, but at least these are cute.
  • Chapstick // For all of the kisses Arnold will be giving! Only to me and Forest… duh.
  • XBOXone Gift Card // Since Arnold seems to be excited for couch time with Forest, what better way to entertain that then pay for some video games for when he can’t leave the couch and needs something other than a baby for fun.
  • CASH$$$ // Hospital vending machines. Need I say more. Also not pictured.
  • DADA Book & Poem // Arnold HATES Jimmy Fallon, but this was the only “Dad” exclusive book I could find, so you win some, you lose some. Also, I don’t know why Arnold hates Jimmy Fallon so much. This book is about a lot of different animals trying to say “DADA.” Inside is an adorable poem about being a Daddy’s boy. It hit Arnold right in the feels.

Things Not Included, but I will get anyway…

  • The one thing I REALLY wanted to add in there but didn’t get to it was the Polaroid film for our camera. I thought that would be cute to make sure he had a bunch of that on hand for the hospital. Arnold has a few old photos of myself and the cats in his wallet, so I know that’s where they’ll go.
  • Pain killers & vitamins… because health. And Arnold is prone to headaches and probably will be more prone once little screamy Forest enters this world (haha).
  • Durable gloves – Because poop. Arnold is a bit of a neat-clean freak and I’m sure he’d like to have some fancy gloves for diaper changes.
  • Hand sanitizer – I told Arnold that I was going to make him hold Forest when we go anywhere because he’s the more stern one and can sugarcoat “Please don’t touch my baby” better than I can. this is for people who DO get to touch him, and they’ll need to be clean.

Did you buy your husband/SO a survival kit? If so, what was in it? When did you give it to him? :)