week 31.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 31 weeks!!! AHHH!! as of 12.31.2016. how fun?

Size of Baby: Forest is the size of a pineapple!! A… 16inch pineapple that weighs almost four pounds? i have no idea. my midwife can’t even tell me how big. My belly is measuring 30 weeks, which at first freaked me out – is my baby healthy? am i too small (LOL RIGHT?! i was feeling super huge!!)? but i guess that’s normal as long as it’s +/- 3 weeks for measurement.

Milestones: Officially NOT a breech. He’s mostly residing on my left side now, switched sides during transition, and is head down with his feet kicking my right side ribs and his hands punching my bladder. Midwife told me anterior alignment on the left side makes for a smoother labor so crossing my fingers!

Best Moment This Week: Well… my midwife finally pressured me into going to a Childbirth class… and when i say pressured, i mean she basically told me i would be stupid and limiting myself of precious information if i went out on it, so I AM DOING IT OKAY. Colin came to town to hang out, too!! First visitor of the year!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  I am so excited to meet this little boy and to see how his earth side personality compares to his womb personality. This kid is regularly squirmy (schedule still unpredictable), and seems to be super shy when I ask someone if they want to feel him kick or squirm – like, “Oh mom, I don’t want visitors, I’ll just sit still and wait til it’s just you and me.” He gives ZERO fucks whether or not anyone talks to him. Some parents say that the baby kicks more when they hear dad’s voice and honestly, Forest doesn’t react differently to anyone (except Enya music, which he either loves or hates hahaha). So I feel bad for Arnold on that, it’s not like he doesn’t talk to my belly or isn’t around much, it’s just this kid is not partial to anyone haha. He does NOT like to be messed with – I will feel a limb and I’ll go to touch it and he’ll just yank it back, squirm around a bit, and then probably pass out. If he sleeps like his father, I’ll be lucky… until it comes time for waking him up to do anything. Look at me ramble on about minuscule stuff like this. help me, i am one of those moms. For those of you worried (because believe it or not, people will message me things privately when my blog is posted with suggestions on how to be better…), Forest is passing the kick count tests just fine. 

What I Miss The Most: I miss being my old self. Pregnancy is very wearing on me. Woke up this week and could barely fit into ANY of my shoes, my coats won’t zip all the way, and shaving my legs (WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF) is impossible. I also miss the mountains. We have been super hesitant in traveling out there due to the inclement weather and also because I tire so quickly.

Symptoms: All bitching aside, I do feel very lucky at how I am feeling and how healthy myself and Forest are during this. It could always be worse, like bed rest or not being able to move or extreme nerve pain. Basically, I am just groggy & grumpy. I wake up feeling “refreshed” and by 2-3pm I’m just wiped out. My feet get more swollen by the end of the day and if I’m super active or walk a lot, then the next day or later that day, my hips might be sore. Nothing a good night of sleep or arnold massages won’t cure.

Cravings: DAIRY – I know this is my body’s way of saying I need more calcium, which I DO (and I’m also severely deficient in Vitamin D but that’s another point) and i’m taking supplements so yeah. I just want to eat sweet things. all the DAMN TIME. 

DAD Thoughts: I think Arnold is at the point where he is feeling a bit helpless, wondering what he can do to help me be more comfortable and cope with this. We also talk about birth, which to be frank, scares us both shitless. Birth class was nice because he learned some techniques on how to help comfort me.