week 32.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: thirty-two LONG WEEKS… as of 01/07/2017. Due date is in 56 days. I could throw up because next week that number will be in the 40’s…

Size of Baby: Common websites say around 48cm and upwards towards 4lbs. Again, another squash-sized week, but also suggesting an armadillo. I’ll just pretend I have a baby that looks like an armadillo inside of me this week (for shits and giggles, I am not delusional). My midwife told me he’s on track (not like a week behind last week) and the ultrasound said he looks a little bit bigger than most babies around this time! 

Milestones: Little bear is perfecting his suckling powers and also his breathing powers. The best news about this week is if he was born pre-term, then he would need some help in the NICU, but otherwise things would look pretty good for him. He has hiccups, which my doula-teacher-lady told me was a good thing because he’s perfecting those reflexes (I know some people fear that this means his cord is wrapped around the neck? but this is not the case. PHEW**)

Best Moment This Week: It’s the little things… like when Forest decides during meetings, that it’s PLAY time and NOT time for me to pay attention. So much so, that colleagues can notice him moving and they joke about him being bored! Must take after his Ma & Pa – getting bored and antsy in meetings ;) Also seeing him in HD (technology is amazing!) ultrasound – chubby cheeks, perfect little lips that look like daddy’s, and his cute “Kyaw” nose. He is perfect and a squishy little adorable guy. 

What I’m Looking Forward To: Now that we know what he looks like… kinda… i am looking forward to kissing those adorable lips!! I’m also getting more comfortable with the idea of birth and comfort measures to hopefully ride out a natural birth. The next few weeks will be filled with lots of breathing practices and psyche adjustments so i can handle what my body will throw at me. 

What I Miss The Most: Completely unrelated (but sort of) to baby – I miss the MOUNTAINS! We have not been able to go for a few reasons, the snow is just terrible. There has been more snow in the mountains now than in the last 100 years, which is literally insane. Lots of avalanches and really unsafe driving conditions. My car is also not the best mountain driver (let alone snow driver), so that blows. And being so tired with opposite schedules, it’s really hard to find the time and energy to get out there with Arnold. I refuse to go alone :P

Symptoms: Swollen extremities that start their days out by looking semi-normal and then end their day by looking sad and super squishy (SEE BELOW…)

Cravings: This week, it’s just healthy things like fruits & veggies. I also still want cookies, but am trying to limit myself. I’m also craving a lot of (non-greasy) chicken, like the kind you can slap over a bed of spinach. yyuuuummm

DAD Thoughts:  Forest is an Arnold twin – from the lips to the nose to the ears to ALL THAT HAIR on his head!! hahah!! i don’t know if arnold secretly loves this or feels bad for the kid ;)

here’s a photo of my sausage-ankleless feet. i am FINALLY *insert sarcasm here* in that stage. praying this is not pre-eclampsia. Someday I’ll look back at this and laugh (but today is not that day). It’s amazing how your body just really messes itself up a little bit to keep a little baby safe and growing well.