week 33.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: HOLY BUCKETS OF 33 WEEKS as of 01.14.2017

Size of Baby: My favorite size comparison this week is a ferret. But other sites say about 17.5in and 4.5# – getting bigger!! He is a  BIG BOY (of that I am sure) and is growing so fast. Let’s be honest – the fruit comparisons at this point are just ridiculous and i’m lost.

Milestones: This is the week that his little immune system is kicking into gear. I am excited to also start breastfeeding to give him some of my (amazing actually) immune system. This mama has ZERO allergies – just a few sniffles with weird plant stuff, so I hope he gets my system. His bones are hardening, brain is growing and developing more connections, and

Best Moment This Week: WELL. we finally finished baby laundry. I am ashamed that Forest has about 5 giant loads of laundry ranging from newborn to 9 months to swaddles to blankets to burp cloths. This kid is LIT with his outfits and accessories. PLEASE NO MORE OF THESE WE ARE OKAY (haha). I also ordered my breast pump, so that should be here shortly!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Getting the last of my maternity paperwork approved for a MUCH NEEDED time off with my baby and hubby! On an unrelated baby note, I also started my bullet journal! I AM SO EXCITED. It feels nice to have a creative outlet that can also be used to keep organized and on top of things. I think Arnold “hates” it because I now pay less attention to him (lol but then he gets his xbox time so win win win win?)

What I Miss The Most: My rock solid AB MUSCLES. (slightly kidding… I never had a six pack but it was pretty impressive…) What I really miss is NOT being the center of attention for unsolicited advice. Just everyone, STFU okay? Unless I ask, keep your damned opinion to yourself – this is driving me NUTS. I don’t go around offering my personal opinions to everyone for every thing, and I do NOT like it when people do that to me. You have your warning.

Symptoms: SLEEEEEEEEEEPY. Except for when I lay down – imagine that. Hip pain, feet swelling, red hands (midwife says my paleness doesn’t help me here). Another weird thing is carpal tunnel – so, my hands fall asleep when i lay on them at night (Like forest, my hands are always on my face…) OOPS.

Cravings: SALT. it. is. bad. Like.. I can’t even taste salt anymore but I am CRAVING it so hard. I “oversalted” my mac & cheese and Arnold almost threw up so I had to eat it all by myself… :P (disclaimer, I am perfectly healthy… weird).

DAD Thoughts: You know.. I could NOT have done any of this without Arnold. He is literally my person – the best person in the whole world for me and going to be the best baby daddy ever. He is literally ON MY ASS every day to make sure I do stretches and practice breathing – I need this. Some days I don’t like this because I am tired and achy, but I love how he pushes me and holds me to my end goals. This guy cares the most and I hope that’s what his thoughts are.