by chelseakyaw

Let’s indulge in a little random pregnancy survey. Do you remember those myspace and xanga days when everyone did a million surveys? TAKIN ME BACK.. now my baby is closer to that age than I am… anywayzzzz here we go!

  1. The day you first find out you are pregnant // We found out on JUNE 24!! I will always remember this day as being the best day of my life. I actually had a lot of tests in my purse that I used the day before, but it wasn’t giving me “conclusive” results (because I think it was really early and these weren’t digital), so I wasn’t for sure. FOR SURE FOR SURE on 06.24 with a clear-blue digital. I have photos.
  2. The way you broke the news // I have a really “unfun” husband who didn’t want me to find out without him, so he *made* me come out of the bathroom immediately after peeing on the stick. We sat there and waited for the results to show and then BAM pregnant. We waited a week or so to tell family and just texted them. See, we are “unfun” and being miles away from family and really impatient limited our creativity.
  3. The way you felt when you realized you were going to have a baby // “HOLY SHIT” “NO WAY” “TAKE ANOTHER ONE” “OMG THIS SOON” – true statements said by us. We were SO excited and anxious and didn’t really believe it.
  4. How did other people react? // Everyone seemed excited. So newsflash, Forest, you were wanted and not a mistake.
  5. The first three months – the best kept secret – or was it? // NO lol. I can’t keep secrets. I was so anxious and tired and super bitchy that I told everyone. I also wanted to share the news with everyone because I knew I needed support in case something happened.
  6. Who’s your daddy?! // Arnold. 100% sure about that. Unless it was immaculate conception, which is doubtful.
  7. Five things you are most frightened about. // a. My biggest concern is that Forest won’t be healthy – I am deathly afraid of something happening to him.  b. worrying about being a good mom – how will I know what to do and what the right thing is?   c. being able to financially afford things that come up – is there EVER enough money? d. feeling like myself while also transitioning into motherhood. e. getting so much anxiety that i can’t take it anymore or I’ll want to give up.
  8. Five things you are most delighted about. // a. giving birth and finally meeting my little one. b. watching Arnold become a father. c. SNUGGLES AND LOVE as a family with Forest. d & e. IDK LOVING MY BABY?
  9. Three things you began to see differently since becoming pregnant. // LITERALLY everything… especially seeing more kids interacting with their parents, thinking “hey that’s gonna be me soon!” Being pregnant has also made me realize how disturbing it is that people feel free to comment on my body ALL THE TIME. It has made me really self conscious – am I too big? Am I too small? And the third thing, people dishing out advice when they have NOT been pregnant or are not parents – that is the MOST ANNOYING DANG THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! So if this is you, just STOP IT. I don’t care if you know about 23975492375 babies or your family is shooting them out like a machine gun, just STFU. (Dina, I’m not talking about you – you are my saving grace, also holla <3)
  10. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? // Realistically, I feel that my biggest dream (are we talking baby here or in general?) is to raise a functioning, not-asshole, member of society. I do feel like I put my dreams on hold to be a mama, but really nothing matters anymore except making his world worth it. At some point, I would like to work more with animals and put my degree to use. I would also like to be closer to family, buy a house, and grow more with Arnold in our marriage.
  11. What does your ideal nursery look like? Make a mood board with different patterns and colors. // Personally, I think a whole room for a baby is a bit overrated, as I’ve heard that barely any babies actually utilize their room. Arnold and I are very simplistic, “Forest” themed decorations around his cradle, which is in our room. We thought spending money on room decorations was ridiculous when there are more important things to put money towards – uhhhh like bills and probably his college education.
  12. Are you hoping for a girl or for a boy? // I hoped for a girl and I am having a boy. Now that we know it’s a boy, I couldn’t dream of anything else.
  13. The daddy’s reaction – how would you describe it? // He is equally excited as I am but shows it in different ways. I think he’s also scared. I know that Arnold worries that he does enough for me and for Forest, so I worry that he gets overwhelmed.
  14. Have you always wanted to be a parent? // Yes… and no. I always knew in my heart that I wanted to be a mom, or would like to. There was actually a long period of time where Arnold and I felt like we would not be good parents and we wanted to spend time and money on ourselves. The more we talked like that, the more we realized we wanted to include JUST ONE little baby into our lives and to share what we do with them. Weird, right? We were just worried that we would not have the money or means to take care of a baby well.
  15. How would you describe the ideal parent you hope to become? // I would like to raise Forest as his own best independent version of himself, which I’m sure will result in butting heads, but that’s how I know he will be successful. Arnold and I are both extremely empathetic people, so I think that will also help us as parents – being intune with his feelings and his emotional side.
  16. Your fur-babies – (animals that were treated like babies before having a ‘real one’) – how will they welcome the new baby? // Hopefully with open paws… haha. Get it? I mean… they’re gonna have to deal because they’re stuck with me and so is baby. Kit Kat and Dinah will probably stay away from Forest because they don’t like loud noises and wiggly things, and Chunk & Izzy will be the curious ones. I anticipate chunk being super into the baby, as he’s been the only one SUPER into my belly during this pregnancy.
  17. Who did you tell about your pregnancy first? // WHO DIDNT WE TELL? Haha.. furreal though. It was family. I think we told Arnold’s sister first, and then my brother.
  18. Write a haiku about your pregnancy. // I am so sleepy, my feet are super swollen, less than two months now.
  19. Which future plans were changed because of the news of a baby? // Basically all we had planned were a lot of camping trips and exploration of the west, but nothing was technically “planned.” Living in Colorado will be a little difficult with an infant and our current life-style, so a lot of those things are changing but I’m keeping them under wraps publicly here.
  20. What is your own earliest memory? // I don’t really know about “earliest” but I remember a lot about my mom being pregnant with my little brother, and he’s three years younger than me.
  21. What kind of music does your baby react to? // Enya… and jazz with trumpet.
  22. Make a play list of songs for your baby that you listened to while you were pregnant. // 90s… classical music… LOTS of podcasts. I more-so listened to podcasts during this pregnancy. We put a lot of random jazz playlists on and put the speakers to my belly because dad is a fan who wants baby to be a fan (haha). 
  23. What kinds of foods are you craving? // lots of sweets, mostly pastries. I also REALLY LIKE CHEESE. Lately I’ve been craving fresh vegetables and fruits and lots of yogurt, so smoothies have been bae.
  24. How has your body changed and how do you feel about it? // My body has COMPLETELY changed. I was 120# before getting knocked up and up until now (about half-way through week 34), I have gained 60 (SIXTY?!?!?!) GD pounds. I feel squishy and curvy, which is something I have never been used to or had to deal with, so I am NOT handling it well. I probably cry every other day because I feel like I let myself go. I didn’t even change my eating habits, so I’m trying to eat healthy. The thing is, before, I was SO active – hiking, exercising, and because I am so dang tired and stiff, I feel like working out is a chore. BLAH.
  25. What is the first item you bought for your baby? // Arnold and I each bought him a band onesie hehehehe. I bought him a pink floyd onesie and Arnold got him Nirvana. We also bought him this adorable little bigfoot stuffed animal. SINCE THEN… he has so much shit.
  26. Why did you find out/not find out the gender of your baby? // We thought that finding out the gender would help us “connect” with the baby. It was also a lot easier to shop for gender-specific clothing and items (even though we’ve gone with a lot of more neutral things and forest-type things).
  27. How did you feel during the first ultrasound? // Well, our first ultrasound was in the emergency room during like 6-ish weeks because of bleeding. I was sure that I was miscarrying, so I was really upset. Seeing the heart-beat was TOTALLY reassuring, but we didn’t know that it was because of my placenta previa until our 12 week ultrasound when the technician said it was COMPLETELY covering my cervix.
  28. Who is most looking forward to your baby’s arrival? // Me and Arnold, duh!! What kind of dumb question is that? Oh… hmmm.. probably my cat, specifically Chunk. he’s definitely more excited than me.
  29. What are the ten worst things about being pregnant? // It’s funny because I can think of these easier than the ten best things, but that’s just who I am. SO… sleepiness, the stress and constant worry, doctor bills, swelling, weight gain, unwanted advice from EVERYONE, not fitting into my clothes, the body pain, MOOD SWINGS, aaaand being forced to be patient.
  30. What are the ten best things about being pregnant? // knowing that you have a little life inside of you keeping you company all the time, the kicks & rollies, hearing that heartbeat, buying ADORABLE baby clothes, falling more in love with the dad ;),
  31. List three memorable interactions with strangers during your pregnancy. // One time, this guy at the grocery store REFUSED to let me take my groceries to my car, which made me angry. I was only like 20 weeks pregnant at the time and obviously not as much of a struggle-bus as I am now. Another time (another grocery store incident as well!), this woman came up to me and gave me a huge ass lecture about the amount of coffee I had in my cart, saying that it was bad for me and baby and what was I thinking. I just kind of ignored her, but if that happened NOW, in the state I’m in, I would’ve flipped shit on her. Not too long ago, this weird homeless person came up to me and was chanting some things to me in a weird creepy way. I could only understand the word “baby” but it really creeped me out. Hopefully Forest doesn’t have a hex on him.
  32. Make a quote bank of things people said about your belly/body during pregnancy. // *DONE* not really. Most comments seem more negative than positive. Maybe like 1/5 comments is along the lines of “look how cute and beautiful you are” – usually it’s “HOLY COW you got a big baby in you, don’t you” or “You look so tired, are you okay?”
  33. Describe your home before the baby arrives. How is it being prepared? // Currently we live in a loft apartment, so it’s a studio but the bedroom is still separate, located on the top of our apartment. We love it, and we love small places! We are still in the middle of deep cleaning the place, but Forest has a cradle in the corner of our room, the dresser is his (all of our stuff thankfully fits in the closet) and downstairs by the bathroom is the diaper station, which also is by the laundry area – very convenient. We are into simplicity as well as small spaces, so we are only getting the bare minimum for him and finding cheap alternatives (still safe) for a newborn.
  34. Write a list of maternity symptoms you have experienced. // exhaustion (THE MAIN ONE), extreme hunger (Probably why I’m fat now), swelling, strong emotions, and my-baby-fever.
  35. Write a list of possible names including if the gender was opposite (if you know already). // If baby was a girl, we were going to name her Matilda. Not sure on the middle name yet! If anyone “steals” this name from me, even though we are like 95% sure we aren’t having any more babies, I will KILL you. :)
  36. Make a list of activities you can’t wait to do with your baby in the future. // Everything! I can’t wait to show him amazing nature places, play games with him, educate him… you know, real people stuff.
  37. Who are the other children in your life who are looking forward to meeting the baby? // His cousins – Autumn & Ronin – all very excited to meet their little “brother”
  38. What will the world be like in 21 years’ time ( a letter for a 21st). What do you hope it will be like? // That’s a good question!! I hope the world is still around. Seems like a lot is going to hell with the way things are going.
  39. What is the most amazing thing about being pregnant? // Knowing that your body has created this little miracle, with the small amount of help from dad ( ;) ), and just *knows* what to do. That, and feeling his kicks and wiggles. As I near the end of this pregnancy, I am filled with so much love whenever I feel him move. 
  40. What color do you think of most when you imagine your baby? // This is a really weird question – IDK… brown? because he’s half-asian? lol.
  41. What is the hardest thing about being pregnant? // Not that I’m a glass-half-empty type of person or anything (OK I KINDA AM), but a lot. Just accepting the way your body is changing can be difficult. AND the constant worry of “will my baby make it into this world okay?” “When he comes into the world will he be okay?”
  42. What do you think your baby will look like? // Like himself :) But mostly 85% Arnold according to the ultrasound photo. MY HEART!!!

WHEW*** That was like the marathon of surveys. I hope you will… erm… enjoy :)