week 35.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 35 weeks!! As of 01.28.2017. WHAT A TIME it has been. AMMIRIGHT? 

Size of Baby: The week of the honeydew melon :) Mayve around 6 pounds and 18.25 inches.. that sounds like a good sized baby to come barreling out of my lady parts, but I know he needs to grow a little bit and put on some good fat!

Milestones:  Forest *SHOULD* be in the position he needs to be for birth. Thankfully (THANK GOD) he is not breech and his head is down low, specifically buried in my right hip. Knowing that he will have little to NO complications if born now makes me feel the most happy EVER. So, come on little guy. I’m ready and so is your Pe!

Best Moment This Week: I treated myself to the baby book and baby wrap that I’ve wanted this whole pregnancy. Arnold pushed me into doing it “for myself” because I haven’t done anything for “me” in a long time (He’s silly… i buy pens and oils all the time…) i have also been “messing” with the public a lot more. it’s more to amuse myself, but pregnant women will remember that everyone (i mean.. everyone) and especially people at the store will want to know or comment about the pregnancy. SO – i make up stories – like, oh i’m having twins, i’m 2 weeks past my due date, it’s a girl, i’m only half way… harmless stuff i guess. One time i did not really feel like talking to the clerk and i just told her “i don’t know who the dad is” which shut her up super fast and then i got to leave. (sorry if you were in that situation, i don’t mean to desensitize that issue or make light/fun of it). The long moral of this story is just to STFU around anyone who looks like their belly is bigger than a basketball because newsflash, i’m not in the mood for small banter.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  The dropping of the baby… so when he puts more pressure on my bladder but less on my lungs and stomach, haha. Another thing is wrapping up our “to-do” lists. Baby bag is packed, my hospital bag is well on its way, and Arnold’s stuff (HAHAHAHA) is not. “Chelsea, I can’t pack my bag, I don’t have enough underwear.” Uhhhh then go buy yourself some underwear because I’m not going to get in a fight with you while I’m in the woes of labor because you gotta look for some clean underwear. Why is it always about the underwear with men? Also… I just have this “feeling” that Forest is going to be here soon. The full moon is the same week I’m full term (as is the walking dead premier), so my superstitions tell me I could be meeting him soon. That means I’ll have EVERYTHING done and ready before then just in case :)

What I Miss The Most: I miss going shopping without everyone looking at me like i’m going to explode and either asking me a million questions or offering their advice. just leeaaaavvee me alloooooooone!!! I also feel especially fat lately – probably because I am pretty sure my belly grows an inch every three days. I feel SO HEAVY like my belly is ripping and just being awake is wearing me out. Baby exhaustion will be different than this – at least I’ll have a baby. This impatient, no-baby, fatness is wearing me out even more.

Symptoms: I thought I was going to skim by with limited heartburn, but here we are – full blown heartburn and constant Tums consuming. I also am short of breath. *heavy breathing cat meme forever.* Another thing I haven’t talked much about is the colostrum leakage… since about week 25. it’s super weird to me but natural, but now I feel like a cow in the lactation sense (and also the weight sense).

Cravings: I haven’t had any weird cravings lately. If anything, I “crave” foods that will make the heartburn go away. So, I am craving tums? hehehe. Also confetti ice cream. aaaaaannnd brownies.

DAD Thoughts: He’s been super protective of me as of late and making sure that i’m happy – aren’t i the luckiest? doesn’t Forest have the best daddy? I think Arnold also isn’t sleeping well because he’s so anxious for Forest to come – a little bit excited and also scared.


VENTING SESH (because you know what? that’s what a damn “blog/journal” is for and I’m pregnant and I’m not all together with my hormones and emotions…)

  so… i had a really long bitch fest here. so long… like even longer than this right here (haha).  after some pouring of the feelings and a moment of review, i deleted it in “fear” of coming off too bitchy. this vent session has a central theme of me complaining about the people in our (me, arnold, and forest’s) life.the thing is – people will do and say whatever they want, but at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. the only thing that matters is what i do right for my family and how i choose to let the words of others affect me. long story short to anyone reading – my baby, my life, my family. we will do WHAT  WE WANT and you best damn well believe it is for the absolute best for us. if you can’t respect and accept it – bye. if you do – thank you. we appreciate it.