by chelseakyaw

my first princess gig – I was SO NERVOUS!!! It’s a miracle I got my brows to look this good because I could not stop convulsing with anxiety.

A very merry UNBIRTHDAY to these adorable little girls. We had a tea party with tricks and stories. What a way to kick off my life as a princess.

My first of many car selfies – Elsa was my favorite and probably every kid’s favorite, too – which makes it THAT much better.

Elsa and her princess friends for a super hero benefit run. always great to work for a cause.

Belle – another favorite. i felt that her character was the “easiest” because i saw a lot of Belle in me.

fitting in cars… were fun. in the dead of summer. There’s a reason that princesses usually have carriages to get around in. Driving a stick with an 8 thousand pound dress is a challenge.

Cinderella.. in my front yard. Chill AF

contrary to what they say, a princess would not survive without her prince charming, or in this case, her Aladdin.

mermaids ARE real! Ariel was my favorite growing up and the prettiest to dress up as. I used lipliner for my eyebrows, BTW.

Ever wonder what life as a princess is like? Let me tell you :)

i spent the summer of 2015 working as a princess. yep, i got paid to dress up and go hang out with kids and make their dreams come true – so basically, i’m better than santa. What was that like, you ask? For me, it was an extreme jump out of my comfort zone. As an introvert to the core, putting myself as the center of attention was super hard. i’ve done birthday parties before with a local animal shelter, but that was easy because i could play with kids and animals and educate them on how to be better pet owners – they didn’t care about me, they cared about the kittens and puppies.  As a princess, i had to evolve myself into the different personas of each princess – a LOT more acting than… ummmm… ever. And I’m not into acting at all. This meant that Arnold and I would sit and watch a lot of Disney movies together so I could understand the story and character a little bit better before each party.

G E T T I N G  R E A D Y // Again, thank GOD for Arnold. I could not have done this by myself. A lot of the events and parties I would go to were really early in the morning, like 8 or 9 (Okay, that’s not terribly early…) – BUT, when it takes you A LOT of time to get into makeup and your outfit and then travel to your event and have to show up before anyone else, then you’re looking at an early morning. My husband (or then fiance) would get up early with me every morning (like 5am because I was anxious AF), make me coffee, and listen to me vent about how nervous and anxious I was for each party – all the while soothing me and telling me I was beautiful and I’ve got this. Each princess had their own makeup look – I LOVE MAKEUP, and it was an excuse to use some of my fun palettes that I didn’t normally get to wear or use. So like, show choir make up – heavy and heavy and bright and beautiful. Also fake eyelashes. I hate fake eyelashes, but after a million parties, you can slap those babies on like they aint-no-thang. I enjoyed the fresh beautiful face. I FELT like a princess and when you feel beautiful, it is easier to act beautiful. Next, the outfit. So many times I would just exist in the under clothes (which is a bit more than underwear) because those dresses were SO DANG HOT, and remember, I was doing this during an Iowa Summer. I would wait until ten minutes before leaving to put on the outfit and then the wig. Sometimes I think, thank god for the wigs as doing my own hair would have been such a pain, but all of this heavy wig & clothes would make you sweat. Once I was finished, I would touch up the makeup again! Always have fresh lipstick and makeup in your car so you can touch-up before you walk in!

A R R I V I N G // You know, princesses don’t drive cars and they sure don’t have cell phones or purses – and also, princess dresses DO NOT have pockets. So, you do what you gotta do, like hide your stuff in your “princess basket” which was filled with party favors, a book about yourself, and then interactive activities. So, if I was going to a house party, I would have to park about a block or so away – no one wants to see a princess come out of a crappy 2007 hyundai – that’s like seeing Santa (another Santa reference, I’m sorry) come out of a buick instead of down the chimney. Anyway, I am parking a block or so away and walking down the street in my princess outfit – which is hot. and I’m sweating and carrying an extra 15 pounds of fabric on my body. The MOMENT you walk in that door you are a princess and you have to smile and smile and hope that you drank enough water to sufficiently hydrate yourself but not go to the bathroom, because princesses don’t use the bathroom and they don’t sweat.

B E I N G   A   P R I N C E S S // When you are a princess, you are smiling your face off. Literally. Like, you will smile so much that your face will hurt – but your heart is not hurting because you know that this is a moment that these children will remember for always. I mean it.. girls, boys, medium-aged kids. Everyone loves a beautiful princess in real-life. (side note – my niece LOVED that I was a princess. I let her try on the wig and she thought that was the coolest thing ever. She visited me at a few events and was still young enough to where I think she for sure thought I was actually a princess.) The majority of my “princess outings” were either birthday parties, tea parties, or showing up at events. My favorite event that we did was a super hero benefit run. Myself and a few other princesses were just basically hanging out at the end of a run to say hello and cheer on the runners – a lot of which were kids dressed in capes or their favorite super heroes. Being a princess also means being prepared for any question – no matter how ridiculousif you have been around kids, you know that they have imaginations that go to the high heavens and will think of any question at all. “How come this” “But why is this and that this way and not this way?” “Where is prince blah-blah blah” “Can I come outside and see you in your carriage” – you never know. Always be quick and prompt and hopefully remember the story enough to improvise something that sounds reasonable enough. There’s also a lot of singing and dancing, story telling, and games.

While my recollection of being a princess sounds a little sarcastic, let it be known – I loved being a princess. Out of all the crazy jobs I’ve worked, and I’ve worked a few non-traditional jobs, being a princess was my favorite. It wasn’t even work – I dressed up, played with kids, and felt GOOD doing it. I felt like I made a small difference in a child’s life. It also helped me to grow and expand within myself as a person. Improvising, thinking on your toes, working with all different kinds of people and making sure they were happy – transferable skills, right? :) Before I became pregnant, I would also tell Arnold “How cool would it be to tell my **daughter** that their mama was a princess?!” which was why I was kinda bummed, having a little boy, thinking that he wouldn’t care as much as our daughter would. Arnold tells me now “Forest is the luckiest little guy in the world – his momma was a real-life princess!”