week 36.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 36 weeks, as of 02.04.2017 – beginning of the NINTH month, and 28 days left until the due date. Like, a rehab trip’s worth.

Size of Baby: Upwards 6pounds, probably more, and over 18 inches!! AHHHH!!! Das-a-growing-bebe… like, imagine a head of lettuce (that’s 6 pounds and 18 inches?! has anyone EVER seen a head of lettuce that large? lol).

Milestones: Forest is a rock star when it comes to his blood circulating, his immune system is getting BETTER, his lungs are also getting better (little guy gets the hiccups a lot), and his digestion may need a little upkeep (but that actually won’t finish up-keeping until he is earth side!). He is also head deep into my pelvis and rotating a bit (the little booty is up above my naval and his back is turning so he’s facing my back), so I think that’s a sign! I know he still may take a few weeks, but MAYBE HE WONT AND MAYBE WE WILL HAVE A BABY SOON!! Me… i am always measuring a few days head to right on track.

Best Moment This Week: Knowing that we have everything done for his arrival… well, basically everything. hospital bags packed, nursery finished, changing tables stocked and ready to go! Now to stock up on other items so we don’t have to leave the house for a little while ;) staaayyyyycation!!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Honestly, I need to get this baby out of me. I am dying (not literally. I’m actually pretty dramatic). Even though my due date isn’t until March 04ish, I just am so tired and huge that every day is a struggle – my feet are so swollen all the time (even sitting at a damn desk for work all day) and I’m just ready. we are ready for you, baby bear, so come out (when you’re ready) – but hopefully that’s soon!!

What I Miss The Most: I find myself looking back at old pictures of myself (which is a terrible idea and I shouldn’t do it) and missing how I used to look. Guys, I understand that this is shallow in comparison to the things i should be worrying about, but my body has been a battle with me for a long time and watching myself balloon out has been HARD. I am just so beyond thankful that I have a husband who isn’t making this harder for me, but instead says things like “You’re doing what you have to do to grow a healthy baby and WE will work hard at this later when your body is ready” – I KNOW he will be great at pushing me to do what i want to feel better about myself.

Symptoms: THE PAIN… like muscle pains in my groin when you roll over. Did you even know that was possible? Arnold looks at me like I’m dying sometimes, and now when I roll over at night, I wake up. Imagine a turtle on its back… that is me. I have to sit up, turn, and then lay on the side I want to. The heartburn, still here. I just feel like a big fat heavy cow. My belly is HEAVY!! The emotions are terrible – I told Arnold “sometimes I’ll just want to cry and I don’t have any reason to” and he’s like “go ahead and cry then” – so that’s sweet… but I don’t like to cry. It does not do pretty things to my face.

Cravings: For the most part, the cravings have somewhat subsided and chilled out. I’m just hungry and I’ll basically eat anything at this point.

DAD Thoughts: I started feeling his hiccups really low and deep this week… like his head is in my pelvis (which is probably what it feels like to have a bowling ball deep in my body!) And then Arnold kinda freaked out (lol, in the cutest way, like HOLY SHIT he could LITERALLY be here soon)  – This was 11:30 at night, and he had to make sure he built the baby rocker… so his nesting is now kicking in and hopefully he remains calm because when HE is panicking, I have to be the one to remain calm (that’s just how we work. we both can’t be freaking out at the same time!)

OTHER STUFF: Forest bear is getting SO BIG. My belly is now a little bit lopsided because his booty/back are sticking out on my right side. Now, every time he moves and wiggles, it kinda hurts. Help me – baby wiggles hurt – it feels like he’s trying to rip his way out of my abdomen on the top side just under my ribs. Labor is going to kick my ASS. or maybe not – you never really know. this week has also been really crazy in our personal lives. constantly being forced to remain calm and not let the shit that is hitting the fan to get all over the place. breathe. focus. baljskeksisnsjsisj. Being that it’s february, it’s also been really damn hot!! i’m so glad it’s not super icy and i haven’t had to deal with that much (knock on wood) but the hotness is making it almost intolerable. i can’t imagine having a summer pregnancy. blehhhh.