by chelseakyaw

Thinking about labor & delivery has me scared, anxious, excited, encouraged – so many different emotions! i knew that i wanted to incorporate oils into my routine like i have with so many other things in my life. in fact, might i add, arnold and i are down to ALL natural ingredient things in our life – right down to the toothpaste and deodorant. i have even more so become more conscious with this during my pregnancy. i’m excited to share what oil blends I’ve decided to create (with a lot of help from the internet though!) to hopefully make my labor & delivery process smoother. Another thing I was considering when creating these blends was to have something friendly (for the most part) for both a c-section and vaginal birth – I have no idea what I’ll be having. Obviously, I’m riding on a vaginal birth, but ANYTHING could  happen and I think the smart thing is to be prepared for anything.

Can you guess which is which?! Don’t worry… you will be able to see below (hehehe I’m dumb). Like I said, there was a lot of inspiration for my blends online and a few of them, I added another scent or oil just because I liked the way the scent combinations turned out. Enjoy! Also, feel free to share which oils helped you with pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond!

F E A R // Birth (or the thought of birth, anyways) is scary. Yes, it is a “right of passage” to some and a coming time for a lot of women, but to me, it’s scary AF to think about Forest leaving my body either out of a hole that isn’t there yet or a hole that’s like 1/1000 the size of him right now. I am assuming this will be my most commonly used oil – from the time I realize that I’m laboring – to pretty close to him coming out of me. For this blend, I used Balance / Roman Chamomile / Sandalwood / Lime.

  • B A L A N C E // my absolute favorite oil for keeping me grounded when I’m losing it from being anxious, scared, or high-strung.
  • R O M A N  C H A M O M I L E // used for support when you are feeling helpless, will promote serene feelings when you feel like you can’t handle what is being thrown at you.
  • S A N D A L W O O D // eases tension and helps fight your inner stresses – especially helpful with fear that stems from vulnerability.
  • L I M E // an energizer – to fight through negative feelings.

P A I N // I’ve heard a lot of stories, and one thing I think is pretty clear, is that labor HURTS. Whether it be the back pain, contractions, or just any kind of pain because the baby can sometimes hit a nerve. I wanted something that would ease my muscles, potentially reduce swelling (but also smell good). My focus for this blend was to most likely apply it on my lower back and my abdomen, which I assume most of the pain will be, but to also apply to my ankles in case the edema flares up there! My pain blend is composed of Cypress / Black Pepper / Peppermint / Grapefruit.

  • C Y P R E S S // great at improving circulation and helping with swelling or aches. also works as a sedative to calm those crazy muscles (and yourself!).
  • B L A C K  P E P P E R // warming and provides anti-inflammatory effect for calming of spasms and cramps.
  • P E P P E R M I N T // not only does this help with nausea, but it is extremely helpful for back pain associated with labor.
  • G R A P E F R U I T //  like other citrus oils, it’s great in energizing to PUSH through the pain. helpful with swelling and water retention.

L A B O R // Sometimes labor stalls, right? Like, you might be riding at a certain dilation for a while with no progress. I have heard a lot of good things about this blend, whether it be to help get labor GOING or to KEEP labor going strong. I have heard that this blend should be used in moderation as it can perhaps intensify your contractions (so be mindful!). For this mix, I’ve used Clary Sage / Myrrh / Bergamot.

  • C L A R Y  S A G E // relieves tension, strengthens contractions, and also can help with expelling the after birth.
  • M Y R R H // known to speed labor by helping to open the cervix.
  • B E R G A M O T // best used for its calming benefits and to step out of yourself when you’re not feeling good enough – a good oil for believing in yourself when it’s hard.

F O C U S // Labor & birth & delivery is a marathon – it is an event that will require hard work, determination, and most of all – focus. I am more than determined to ride this thing out with all the strength I have ever used for anything. This blend was created to help focus on anything that can keep my mind and body strong. Focus on my husband when it comes to breathing, focus on a distraction to keep my mind away from the pain… any focus is necessary. This blend consists of Wild Orange / Elevation / Spearmint.

  • W I L D  O R A N G E // energizes both the mind and the body – also soothes frazzled nerves and allows you to consciously focus your thoughts where you want them.
  • E L E V A T I O N // revitalizes the mind and creates an uplifting mood while taking away the blues.
  • S P E A R M I N T // mind clearing, uplifting, and rejuvenating – especially during tasks that are continuous and ongoing.