week 37.

by chelseakyaw

How far along:  37 weeks!! YAY!!!! Officially full term as of 02.11.2017 – knowing that we are this far and it’s basically been a textbook pregnancy (minus the early placenta previa) makes me SO HAPPY!

Size of Baby: Forest is the size of a “swiss chard” according to references. WTF is a swiss chard, and who eats that? My guestimate based on how I feel is that he’s 30 pounds and like 15 inches long. It’s like someone attached a giant bowling ball to my waist that is also attached to all of my inner organs and making everything hard. Realistically, I think he’s probably about 7 pounds and 20 inches or so!

Milestones: Our little gummy bear is not so little right now and is putting on the fat. I hope he’s a little chunker because I LOVE squishy babies. A few weeks ago, he had little chubby cheeks and I about died. Maybe he has a double chin already (like his mama!). His immune system, lungs, digestive tract, brain, and all the good stuff to help him survive outside the womb is super progressing. My hopes are that he’s a healthy little boy like his parents. Arnold and I rarely ever get sick and have hardly had any health issues in our life. Arnold claims that he’s had “yellow fever” as a baby, but I think he’s making racist Asian comments or possibly had jaundice… so you never know.

Best Moment This Week: We literally have EVERYTHING done. What kind of person am I that the best part of my week is crossing off my to-do list? Oh yeah, and the walking dead came back on and valentine’s day. I was like 65% sure Forest would be born this weekend because of the full moon, but BOY was I mistaken. I secretly hope as I type this that this will be my last weekly pregnancy update.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Surprise – not being pregnant! (KINDA!) I am looking forward to having my body back, not feeling so heavy, and just feeling like myself again (plus a baby with that). I am also looking forward to being a family of three. Arnold and I are over-the-moon THRILLED to add Forest to our crazy little duo and see what kind of human we produce. WARNING – he gonna be WEIRD.

What I Miss The Most: Right now, I’m weirdly thinking about how I’ll miss Forest being here with me. Right now, he is mine. He is my little wiggle worm and I get to hold him safe inside of me where he doesn’t have to deal with this real world shit. I will miss those intimate moments between me and Arnold while we snuggle on the couch and hold my belly and feel him squirm around – just us. I don’t want to share him. I don’t want to deal with annoying opinions and people. Time to build some thick skin and learn to ignore things because it’s only gonna get better ;)

Symptoms: Other than being physically worn out and heavy, a lot of the symptoms have also subsided. Heartburn is almost non-existent now too, which is great. i have a lot of swelling in my feet at the end of the day and I get super hot super easy. He’s getting pretty heavy in my pelvis area and when I stand up, there is a pressure that makes it feel like my bladder is being smashed and also that he is going to fall out of me (which I secretly hope he does because I’m ready). I’ve also been getting really crazy braxton-hicks; for me, it feels like slight cramping before a period – so I feel like something is going to happen “soon” – ALSO, I have NO stretch marks and my belly button is still normal (Arnold has been measuring my belly button depth almost weekly to give me updates. Apparently I have a “deep” naval).

Cravings:  I think that (weirdly) my cravings are “gone” – unless you count being HANGRY 24/7 as a craving. Actually, one really bad craving is MCDONALDS FRIES. I dont even eat mcdonalds and I just want to eat loads and loads of the salty yummy hot fresh fries. GOOD THING IM NOT OKAY?!

DAD Thoughts: Arnold is getting really nervous. The other day, i went to him and told him we had “16” days left and he just went to bed and fell asleep (hahaha) poor dad is nervous.