week 39.

by chelseakyaw

How far along: 39 weeks as of 02.25.2017 – I get it, I still technically have “one more week” according to the stupid 40 week rule (which means literally nothing and is a statistical average) – so if you’re one of those people.. STFU.

Size of Baby: WATERMELON!! Like.. an 8 pound one, is my guess. I have a feeling he’s going to be big. Hopefully his head isn’t TOO big (like, normal size big but not… ripping things too far big).

Milestones: I guess we’re at the point where his brain is getting smarter – I can tell because I’m getting dumber. He’s definitely going to be smarter than everyone else and their baby’s in the history of ever ;)

Best Moment This Week: The fact that I’m still… existing in real life.. that should be reward-worthy. I made a goal to go into work until my due date, but  ended up leaving a few weeks early which made me feel bad. Also, we gave birth this week so that was probably a good reason!!

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Becoming a momma and watching Arnold become a dadda – even more officially than we are now. I’m looking forward to him being OUT of me. The dread I have wondering if he will die before I get to meet him is unbearable at times.

What I Miss The Most: Being comfortable and being able to move around without being so heavy and stiff. 

Symptoms: I could have sworn that I had my “bloody show” but it could have also been from my cervical exam. HARD TO SAY. My other symptoms include, constant getting up to pee, false labor (with extreme menstrual like cramps usually while I’m sleeping but more tame all day), and stiff hips. The exercise ball and my solly baby wrap (used as a rebozo) are saving me and are THE BEST.


DAD Thoughts: At this point, he is banking on a Sunday baby… Sunday babies are “chosen ones” according to our Burmese family. Seems like a lot of pressure to me ;) The New Moon is also this sunday, so it make sense, right?