second week. 

by chelseakyaw

our little bear is now two whole weeks old. i’m sure i’ll say this every week for the rest of his life, but i can’t believe it. we have been constantly learning and loving more because of him. i absolutely can’t wait to watch him grow, but i will cherish those moments with him being so small and truly dependent on us. 

feeding // eating boob milk – pumped and from the boob. we have still had to occasionally supplement with formula but that’s probably more because i’m worried about not feeding him enough than anything. and yes, i do feel guilty. maybe if i wasn’t so worried about him eating enough, i wouldn’t be doing that. but… whatever. He also reached his birth weight again, but the pediatrician kinda makes me feel bad when she comments on how small he is. like, he has small parents, lady… please don’t do this to me until forever because i can’t handle it. He also went through a little growth spurt this week which meant 48/7 nursing. 

personality // still loves bouncing. only likes being naked if he’s being fed – otherwise likes his swaddles and blankets and wearing clothes. absolutely HATES being wet or poopy or being changed and will loudly let us know that. LOVES the vacuum cleaner and our white noise app – it doesn’t really put him to sleep, just kind of puts him in a daze where he stares wide-eyed at his surroundings. 

stuff & things // just a tiny little guy. He had a small case of the sniffles this week but i think that was attributed to the hotter weather and it being kinda dry here. 

parents // momma is healed for the most part and is trying to focus on her sanity while dad is also trying to focus on his sanity. still using one or two pumped milk servings for the night while momma catches up on sleep – i still get up to pump and occasionally feed but this has been working for our sanity. I usually get a nice chunk of sleep starting at 1 and get up around 5am and Arnold sleeps until 11ish while i bond and do some major nursing. sometimes you do what you gotta do to survive and stay focused. i do feel bad that i resort to this, but it’s been a life saver with pumping. 

one thing that’s for sure is we are always adapting. that’s just what happens when you have a new baby.  things change, he changes – sticking to a schedule is really hard and the best thing for us has been keeping an eye on baby cues. oh – and with the blog – i don’t plan on doing weekly updates forever… just in the first month and then i plan on going to monthly posts. i can’t wait to look back and see how things have changed.