third week. 

by chelseakyaw

three whole weeks earth side and every day making us happier (and more tired-er). it’s fun to see his weekly comparison photos. i’m still not sure if i want to do this every week or start doing it monthly, but i’m guessing future me would rather me do this every day to watch in photos how he grows ;) today is also special because it’s Arnolds birthday! We don’t have any crazy plans yet – except spend some time as a family, but we have been doing that every day for the past three weeks, sooo ;)

personality // little bear is a stinker. as before, he loves to bounce. we think he’s starting to smile a little bit more – there will usually be a few while he sleeps and has been seen with a smile once or twice with weird noises and tickles. he’s generally not a fussy baby, but will only “allow” us to set him down when he’s super passed out and tired – otherwise, he is wanting attention!! he hates wearing hats, photo shoots, the booger nose sucker (who doesn’t?), not being the center of attention, and being away from boobs for more than 30 minutes. he loves kitty whisker tickles, snuggling with us, being swaddled, and having clothes on. 

stuff & things // we are still feeding him the same – breast & pumping. i’m always worried if i’m producing enough. the good thing about pumping and having some in a bottle is that it allows arnold to be useful to Forest – let’s face it… unless you smell like momma or make milk or bounce, you ain’t nothin to Forest. I have definitely noticed a bit of his growth this week as he seems bigger. We are lucky to have a baby that enjoys being in public, too! Usually Arnold is the one that wears him because i think people are less likely to grab a baby when dad is wearing him (maybe not? but with our experience it is). i actually haven’t worn him much because when he’s that close to me, he usually tries to find the boob lol. We still co-sleep with him, which we knew we would. it just works best that way and he won’t sleep unless he’s close to us. 

parents // I am super stressed lately. I’ve been trying to remember the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” in order to focus on myself a bit. It’s really hard though when you have a baby who wants to be feeding from you every two hours (but it feels 25/7) and It feels like i don’t have time to fill my cup and i feel bad to get away from him. I am feeling stressed with people close to me, as well. Everyone is checking in on Forest and forest this and forest that… and well… it’s a bit lonely. I’m feeling like it’s a good thing we aren’t close to everyone because unless they want to come and clean for us to help me out, Forest doesn’t need to be bombarded with people and there’s not really a whole lot they can do with him. He is feeding from the breast all the time and if i’m not holding him, he’s fussy.  i get it – people are excited, but it’s just been… annoying. Arnold is my saving grace for sure. I don’t know how single parents do it. If it wasn’t for Arnold, I surely would be going insane. i’m sure i say that every week but it’s true. It’s nice to pump and give arnold the opportunity to feed and bond with our baby and let Forest need him like that.