one month. 

by chelseakyaw

our hearts are so full with Forest, and it doesn’t feel like life meant anything until he came into the world. we can’t imagine anything else and are so lucky that he picked us to be his momma and papa. *fart noise as arnold would say. Forest met a lot of new people this last week! We first took him to my office last sunday in which he was awake the whole time, and then on Wednesday we visited Arnold’s work where he napped the whole time. He also met my parents and now we have the whole fifth week to spend with them. hoping that his first leap doesn’t interfere ;)

personality // we think this has started to shine through a little bit stronger in the last few days or so. he seems a lot more alert to us rather than being a space cadet – so basically he registers our voices a lot more and is becoming expressive to our sounds. Little bear loves his momma’s voice and his papa’s face (not so much the mustache kisses but we’re getting there). he still loves to bounce and rock and likes sleeping on his tummy with us after nursing. He doesn’t mind tummy time depending on his mood but prefers it on us than the mat – much like other things. Baby boy loves being with us, and thank the stars for baby wearing! his “good times” during  the day are usually from 10am-12p and then he has a nice nap with a potty break until about 3p and then it’s anyone’s guess how things will go. He is so expressive and such a focused little guy. We are waiting for a real smile… not the sleep smiles cause those don’t count! 

stuff & things // Forie eats and eats and eats and eats and is not picky about where his food comes from. I’m nursing him primarily throughout the day and after each nursing session i’m pumping to help boost my supply. I would say there’s probably an oversupply now, but for us it’s nice because we have a day or two of milk stocked in the fridge and it helps for times i don’t nurse. It hasn’t really affected anything with the foremilk/hindmilk when i nurse because he nurses for a while, probably a lot for comfort too. Again, my main reason for doing this was to give arnold an opportunity to bond through food and to start boosting a stash for when i go back to work. I’m not an expert either but this works for us and he’s healthy and gaining weight. I don’t feel comfortable nursing in public and would rather not go in a bathroom, so this way he is still fed. We do pace-feed when we bottle feed because this little boy will not stop (hahah). Not all babies pull off when they’re full and ready. We also introduced gripe water into his life and let me tell you… LIFE.CHANGER. he is a brand new better baby! 

parents // this is the most sleep deprived we have ever been, but i would trade all the sleep in the world to have more time with him. except when he’s screaming his face off but that’s another deal haha. Because of the gripe water, he has been giving us more sleep. in fact, last night was our first night of a full five hours for the two of us, but i woke up halfway to pump because i was super engorged. Arnold, like every time i write about him, is also a life changer. he does so much bouncing and snuggling and helps with late night feeds when i sleep because i’m unable to nap from 6am-11pm. Not sure why and it’s not like i haven’t tried. i just don’t nap! Arnold, again like i’ve said before, is a man of few words, so i don’t know what’s intricately going on, but he’s amazing and a good sport – even though i know he’s tired AF and wondering why he doesn’t have a 12 pack and giant muscled legs from the bouncing ;)