two months. 

by chelseakyaw

i used to be really good at updating this blog and whatnot, but then a really clingy newborn came into my life and blogging was probably at the bottom of my priority list. now that things are getting a little bit better and i’ll be returning to work in three weeks (all of the ugly cries ever), then i’ll have a bit more time to myself (still crying).

when i look back at the last TWO MONTHS (or technically 8.5 weeks) since little bear was born, i am in awe at how much he has changed and grown and how fast the time goes. it breaks my heart. our baby looks more and more like a little boy every day. i know, he’s still a baby, but now that he’s smiling and laughing and can hold his head up, i feel like we’re in a whole new world.

personality // his own personality comes through a little bit more every day. like his momma & papa, he’s not the easiest to please. granted, he’s just learning to smile, but you really gotta earn those smiles. all the stars need to align – he needs to have a clean diaper, be fed, and be well rested AND you have to do something really awesome. Things that make him smile & laugh – tickling his chin, running a blanket over his face, air drumming with Arnold, and silly noises with cheek kisses from me. He’s also super happy on the changing table… probably because HE HATES. H. A. T. E. S. a wet diaper more than anything and the relief is enough to put him in a good mood. we also have a bassinet with a mobile over it that has started to amuse him long enough for me to get myself food or pick up a little. When he gets overly excited, he will have the hiccups and start to drool and then get fussy. Gotta keep that happiness at a moderate level ;)

stuff & things // at his one month appointment (can’t remember if i charted this here or not), Forest was weighing in at 9.1# – we thought that was pretty big considering he was born at 6# and 14.4oz. Our 2mo appt isn’t until tomorrow, so i’ll plug in that update once i get that information (He was 12# and 23in!). my “guess” is maybe 12# as he was consistently gaining 1.5oz a day and has super chunked up. The last month has been a lot better in terms of breastfeeding. My supply is probably in an oversupply level, latching is not an issue, and he eats enough from me to sleep comfortably for a few hours. I will eventually blog about my experience with breastfeeding as it has definitely been a wild ride of emotions. i’m also anxious to go back to work and rely on pumping, so we will see how that pans out. The night transitioning into May, he gave us his first full night of sleep. THAT WAS AMAZING. it went by so quickly that when i awoke, i was just expecting the phone to say 2am like it normally did, but arnold woke up excited and we were like “umm should we just stay up?” so we did, enjoyed some coffee, and then arnold went to work! The only down side is waking up to super engorged breasts and having to fix that immediately. i pumped and got 5oz while still having enough to feed him for another 2 hour nap. him sleeping through the night was a one-time thing and was back to waking up constantly.

parents // Arnold officially went back to work (worst day of my life) and we miss him so much. the first 6 weeks as a family were so tough but having him there was the most precious gift. While arnold has been working, i’ve been adapting to taking care of him alone. there have been some frustrating days, but with baby wearing & the ability to breast feed – we are surviving. i am also very lucky in that Arnold “lets” me have my time to myself, which is usually a trip to target, a bath, or some time to work in my bullet journal (a HUGE help to my mental sanity). Arnold is also the best person, husband, and father there ever was. He gets up with me at nights to change forest, he rocks him to sleep and bounces him after i’ve fed him, he makes us dinner most nights, constantly reminds me how beautiful i am and how much he loves me – and NEVER never complains. not once. i can’t tell you the amounts of times i’ve complained about anything and everything, but he doesn’t. Forest also met both of his grandparents this month! i don’t think he was used to the extra amount of visitors, but all went well ;)

WELP… here’s to trying to update this thing more.